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Ex Groupon CEO releasing an Album of Motivational Music

There been a lot of news about various companies getting into the music business lately but ex CEO of Groupon Andrew Mason is taking it to the next level, by release and album himself. The album will be full of motivational music for you prospective CEO’s, three months ago Mason was fired from the online

Intel Appoints New CEO

A new CEO of Intel has been appointed they are ex COO (Chief Operating Officer) for Intel Brian Krzanich who was elected by the board of directors, he has taken over from Paul Otellini the old CEO of the company. Mr Krzanich will officially take on the role of CEO on May 16th on the

Is Bill Gates Looking For A Steve Jobs Esque Return To The Top

Granted Bill Gates wasn’t forced out of the company that he founded, he took retirement and let Steve Ballmer take over. Ballmer had been with Gates essentially from the start of Microsoft, we’re sure Gates thought it was in good hands. Right now it appears that Microsoft is struggling with their mobile strategy. They’ve also

Steve Jobs = Ronald McDonald

This is an op-ed if you couldn’t tell by the silly title. I was waiting to take in my thoughts before I did the obligatory Steve Jobs reaction piece.  Some of our Twitter followers got me thinking and I’m ready so here it is: Steve Jobs wasn’t just the CEO of Apple he was a

Nokia CEO: Android Is Our Main Competition, S&P Lowers Ranking

Nokia’s current CEO, Stephen Elop, spoke to journalists at an event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and revealed more of their strategy to turn Nokia around in 2011.  Nokia, although the largest handset supplier in the world, has been loosing critical footing across the globe amidst the rise of Google’s Android operating system. Elop took a

Eric Schmidt To Executive Chairman At Google Larry Page To CEO

Google just finished their Q4 earnings call with some big news.  Founding partner Larry Page will take the reins as CEO and Eric Schmidt will be elevated to the position of Executive Chairman. This comes on the heels of Schmidt’s just recently published piece in the Harvard Business review saying that all of Google’s strategic