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5 Best Cell Signal Boosters For U.S. Cellular In 2019

Some folks have trouble with the network connection that carriers offer outside of the Big Four. For example, there are people that complain that U.S. Cellular has awful service inside of buildings, which can be true because they piggy back off of bigger, more prominent networks. That said, their customers aren’t first priority when it comes to network prioritization. Not only that, but you might find that the signal is just not nearly as good; so, it could be something as simple as stepping outside to get a better reception.

Best Signal Boosters

There is quite an easy way to fix that, thankfully. You can use a cell signal booster that takes the signal from outside the building and amplifies it inside the building. If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best cell signal boosters that you can pickup to boost your specific network. Check them out!

weBoost Connect

If you’ve ever used a cell signal booster before, it’s probably a cheap one you were able to pick up at Walmart or Best Buy. These aren’t boosters that you should consider, as they’re rife with problems, such as hardly working at all! One booster you should consider is the weBoost Connect 4G-X; it’s one of the best cell signal boosters on the market guaranteed to fix your problem. This particular booster is capable of working with all carriers here in the United States.

The booster has some serious coverage as well. If you need to amplify the signal in a large home or small business, the weBoost Connect is capable of amplifying the signal in up to a 7,000 sq. ft area; that said, this is one of the more expensive boosters out there. However, it’s almost guaranteed to eliminate any dead zones in the home.

You’ll get better smartphone or device battery life with this cell signal booster as well. Your battery won’t be draining big time because of a weak signal.

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SureCall Fusion4Home

Don’t need something as luxurious as the weBoost Connect? Then you might want to consider a cell signal booster that SureCall is making, called the Fusion4Home. The Fusion4Home is more suitable for standard sized homes, as it’s coverage range sits substantially less than the weBoost Connect at just 3,000 sq.ft. Sure, it has less signal range, but you’ll still be able to eliminate those dead zones in almost any standard sized home.

Fusion4Home is capable of amplifying both 4G LTE and 3G networks. That said, this is an optimal cell signal booster for making the LTE a little better in your home in a city. Not only that, but it works well for areas that don’t have LTE yet, as it’ll boost that 3G network very well in homes that reside in rural communities.

Just like the weBoost Connect, you can expect to get better performance and battery life out of your phone because it isn’t being drained by a weak signal.

Buy it now: Amazon

Phonelex GSM Booster

Phonelex also offers a neat GSM booster. It’s cheaper than both the Fusion4Home and weBoost Connect; however, it’s less sophisticated as well. The Phonelex GSM Booster is only capable of boosting the 3G signal in homes, which makes this the perfect cell signal booster for those in rural communities where the signal strength isn’t nearly as good.

Buy it now: Amazon

weBoost EQO 4G

Lastly, we recommend taking a look at the weBoost Connect EQO 4G. This cell signal booster works on a minimalistic level, as it is on;y capable of bolstering LTE or 3G coverage in a 500 sq.ft space. It makes it optimal for bettering coverage in small rooms and maybe even your home office. It’s a rather cheap investment as well for those that just need to fix a dead zone in a small area of their home.

Buy it now: Amazon

MobileForce Car Cell Booster

One thing that you might not have consider is the cell signal in your car. If you travel a lot and depend on your phone for work (i.e. in a sales job), you don’t really want to risk a dropped call losing the sale that you’re trying to make. That’s why you need the MobileForce Car Cell Booster — this small cell signal booster mounts in your vehicle, amplifying the signal around you. With this booster, you can say goodbye to dropped calls on the go. It works with all U.S. networks as well.

Buy it now: Amazon


So, what cell signal booster does your purchase come down to? If you’ve got the cash, the weBoost Connect is an excellent investment and will be sure to bolster the signal in your home. Need something a little less expensive? The Fusion4Home will do the same thing, but in a smaller 3,000 sq.ft area. Or, maybe you just need to amplify the signal in a room or two — then consider the weBoost EQO 4G!

Best Signal Boosters

T-Mobile Revamps Business Plans

As the AT&T/T-Mobile merger inches closer and closer it seems that T-Mobile is taking a minute to revamp their business vertical. As we already know T-Mobile has some of the strongest hardware in wireless today. To get businesses interested in T-Mobile service they’ve revamped their plans and options for business with 1-99 lines.

T-Mobile introduced the Small Business 1,000 minute value plan.  Businesses can get 1,000 minutes and unlimited text messaging with no data for $24.99 per month.

For $10 more businesses can upgrade to unlimited minutes, unlimited text.  For $39.99 business customers can take advantage of the 1,000 minute plan which has 1,000 minutes, unlimited text and 5gb of data for $39.99.

They don’t say when it will end but T-Mobile has said these plans will run for a limited time, so get them while they’re available and while T-Mobile is still available.

source: phonescoop via mobileburn

Cobra Phonelynx For Android Let’s Your Eliminate Your Home Phone Bill

Late last year Cobra Electronics announced a new app called Phonelynx that lets you eliminate your home phone bill.

Phonelynx uses bluetooth technology to route your home phones, through your wireless phone and make calls over it. This is perfect for those of us on unlimited plans and a great way to still use that home phone you have in the kitchen.

“The Cobra PhoneLynx system truly represents the next generation of home telecommunications,” said Sally Washlow, Cobra’s senior vice president, marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics. “With the Cobra PhoneLynx system, there’s simply no reason for most people to waste hundreds of dollars each year on home phone bills.”

The Cobra Phonelynx system has a suggested retail price of $59.95 and can save you tons of money by not having a home phone bill. Phonelynx allows you to use your wireless minutes (which are free at night for most people) to make and receive calls using your cell phone number.

Phonelynx uses Clear Call technology to optimize the sound for your phone, and according to Cobra, it makes it sound in some cases better than your wireless phone did before.

Cobra’s engineers used their over 50 years of experience in the communications business to optimize Phonelynx before bringing it out to market. Remember Cobra was one of the first companies to make cordless home phones.  So go grab a Phonelynx system, upgrade your cell plan to unlimited minutes and say good bye to that landline you’ve been wanting to get rid of.

Guide To Android: The Players, T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA is the United States subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, based in Bonn, Germany. T-Mobile is currently the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States with just under 34 million customers.

T-Mobile uses the same GSM based technology as the 2nd largest carrier in the United States, AT&T Wireless. T-Mobile USA was formed when Deutsche Telekom purchased VoiceStream wireless in 2002.  In 2008 T-Mobile USA completed it’s acquisition of Suncom which was at one time part of AT&T wireless, then not and then it was again.

T-Mobile is significant to Android for many reason see why after the break

AT&T Responds To Claims That 4G Devices Are Capped

Last week we reported that some disgruntled AT&T customers have taken to using an online petition to find out why an iPhone 4G repeatedly beats the upload speeds of AT&T 4G branded devices.  AT&T made a loose statement earlier in the week wrapped around the face that the technology was emerging and they were working on it.

Today, BGR is reporting that AT&T has responded to a Better Business Bureau complaint regarding “capping” speeds on AT&T 4G devices.  Although the statement from AT&T is a denial it is in depth and provides some more insight to the fact that not all markets are turned on and that they are still working on it.

AT&T hasn’t clearly defined via map where the 4G footprint lays for customers, as they are aggressively working on covering the whole country.  When the 4 major carriers began upgrading from 2G to 3G most of the carriers made it a point to show where coverage shifted from new to old technology.

More including AT&T’s response after the break

Zynga Hints At All Titles Coming To Mobile

Most of our readers know the name Zynga. If you don’t, it’s the social gaming company founded by Mark Pincus and responsible for the hits Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Words With Friends and more.

In an interview with Reuters this week Zynga’s head of mobile David Ko said “With 250  million people playing our games per month—all of those people should have mobile opportunities if they want to,”

Last month Zynga ported their IOS smash hit “Words With Friends” to Android. “Words With Friends” is a highly competitive scrabble type game that’s somewhat addictive and easy to play.  Zynga is great at taking pretty simple ideas like Scrabble and Poker and making them highly animated, colorful experiences.

Zynga’s biggest hit, at first, was Farmville. Millions and millions of people started tending to virtual crops and farm life. Many think it’s a big hit among housewives and women, and it is, although there are a lot of men playing it as well.  Late last year they introduced the urban version of Farmville in Cityville which already has 95million active players per month.  Cityville is a 2010-2011 spin on the classic Sim City.

Ko said that next year you can expect a lot of different types of games from Zynga in the mobile space.  One of the key attractions to Android now is the in-app purchase that we are expecting any day now, officially.  Zynga’s Ville franchises rely on the selling of virtual goods such as money, coins and buildings with better ROI (in Cityville), when in-app purchasing is perfected Zynga will thrive at mobile. Ko also hinted that Cityville is a franchise it could certainly tap for mobile. Farmville is already available to IOS users.

While Zynga is the reigning king of social gaming on Facebook, Reuters is quick to point out that there is a lot more competition in the mobile space.

The world is also watching to see what Zynga does in the social networking space. Zynga is reportedly on the short list of potential buyers of Fox’s ill fated MySpace. If Zynga acquires Myspace will it try to move their games away from Facebook?

Source: Reuters