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5 Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Android

Despite the effort from all the main carriers, there are still many areas with poor signal coverage. From remote parts of the country to tunnels and subways to office spaces surrounded by tall buildings and skyscrapers. Signal interruptions and drops cause businesses money, and they complicate the lives public safety first responders. Cell phone signal

Review: The Best Portable Cell Signal Booster, The Wilson Sleek

The Wilson Sleek is a mobile cell signal booster.  It comes with a magnetic mini-antenna, mini-USB auto power cord, and a cradle which boosts the signal as well as holds the phone.  I was also sent some of the additional accessories, a home kit with Antenna Window Mount, Adjustable Suction Cup Cradle Mount, and AC

zBoost now available at Best Buy

zBoost, maker of cell phone signal boosters, today announced retail availability of their zBoost-SOHO and zBoost-METRO in Best Buy locations across the country.  Quoting the press release, “As seen by the Google Nexus phone, most consumers aren’t ready to buy electronics sight unseen. They still want to be able to touch and feel the products. In fact,

Bad Signal? Femtocell Not working out try Zboost

Let’s face it death grip or no death grip some of us just happen to live in areas where cell signal is bad. At my home I get a very good voice signal with Sprint however I live relatively close to a power grid, 500 yards from Camden Yards, next to a light rail station