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The Lego Master Builder Program (CE Week NY)

Warning this has absolutely nothing to do with Android so if that’s going to upset you for some crazy unknown reason stop reading…

Every geek loves Lego’s right? And while we all wish we had the Lego sets coming out now as a kid, at least many of us can live vicariously through our kids. That’s why $99 for a Lego program is going to be no big deal.

The Lego Master Builder Program is a new subscription based program from Lego designed for more experience Lego builders aged 8 and up.  The projects in the Master Builder program are a little harder and more intuitive than other sets.

The Lego Master Builder Program is a subscription based service. You can sign up completely online and have all 6 sets mailed to you (one every 2 months for a year) or you can go to your local Lego store and get the first set for $99 and the other five in the mail for more instant geeky gratification.

Master Builders get a more advanced project set along with a thick, book filled with project ideas, instructions, tips and the information you need to know to design your own Lego project.  Once you sign up online you’ll find a community where you can share pictures of projects and progress.

So if you’re a Lego fan or your kids are, this is a really good deal.  The sets that come in the Lego Master Builder Program are about the size of Lego sets that retail for $45-55 dollars in the Lego store or Toys R Us, so not only do you get access to the program, you’re saving some money too.

CoolIris LiveShare is Growing Strong In Android (AUDIO IS BAD)

If you own an Android device you’ve used a Cooliris app.  Cooliris is the development company that came up with the original Android Gallery app dating back to the G1.  They’ve since sold the app to Google who maintain it at this point, and now they’re all about Live Share.

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The Drop Box Killer Is Almost Here (CE Week NY Coverage 2011)

We took a press briefing with the great people at WYSE the day after Google IO ended back in San Francisco.  They wanted to show off some of the really cool things that they were working on for the next version of PocketCloud, the best, bar none, remote desktop for Android.

Shortly after that meeting, we tweeted that the “Drop Box Killer” was on the way.  Many people thought we were talking about competitors or sugarsync. Nope, we were talking about PocketCloud. It is one of the many Dropbox alternative options available today.

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VIDEO Guide To Vizio’s Android Tablet At CE Week NY

We took a little time with the upcoming Vizio tablet at CE Week NY. What we found is that it’s a solid Android tablet and a great universal remote control with endless possibilities.

The Vizio tablet comes in a unique 8″ form factor. One of the best parts of this tablet is the ability to use the integrated IR blaster to control just about every remote controlled device in your house.  To make it even better it allows you to store multiple profiles in the remote control app. Have one profile for the living room with your big LCD screen tv, stereo system and set top box. Go into your bedroom and the Vizio tablet knows that there’s a smaller tv and a blu ray player in there.

But the Vizio tablet is by far from just a remote control.  Since it’s using Android 2.3 instead of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, it has access to over 230,000 apps in the Android market.  Via wifi you have access to the same Android experience you’re used to from Gingerbread.

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CE Week Live: Forget Corporate Clouds Seagate Go Flex Satellite Is Your Own Personal 500gb Cloud

Reporting live from CE Week NY

With all of this cloud talk, between iCloud, Music by Google, and now even Best Buy’s Music Cloud it can get confusing on what service to use. Many people aren’t there yet with trusting corporate clouds either.  There is a lot of concern about privacy, piracy, drm and streaming.  Seagate has an answer for all of those questions.

The Seagate GoFlex Satellite is a 500gb personal cloud for you to take on the go wherever you go. All of your music, movies, videos and files can be stored on the Seagate GoFlex Satellite.  It’s essentially a wireless portable hard drive.

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