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Nokia Catwalk coming to T-Mobile

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Nokia didn’t do quite well last year, but after the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia has been doing fairly well when compared to the recent past. At Mobile World Congress 2013 which happened this week in Barcelona, Nokia was rumored to launch a new Lumia device with 41 megapixels camera, the same one that is featured on Nokia 808 Pureview. Though such a device is indeed planned and is in pipeline, Nokia instead launched two new entry level Lumia devices – Lumia 720 and Lumia 520.

Excluding variants, the Finland based company currently has 12 Lumia devices in its lineup. With the launch of new low cost devices, it’s clear that the company is aiming to offer devices across various price points, and by giving Lumia 520 (which happens to be the cheapest Lumia until now) a 4 inch screen, we can see that Nokia isn’t compromising features in order to offer the device at that price point.

The best Lumia phone in the company’s current lineup has got to be the Lumia 920 flagship. Thanks to wide popularity of Lumia 920, Nokia managed to sell 4.4 million units of Lumia devices in the most recent quarter. It should be noted that Lumia 920 is an AT&T exclusive device in the U.S., so other carriers cannot offer the perhaps best Windows Phone 8 device, but the word is that the company will be launching two new Lumia devices which will be placed higher than the current flagship Lumia 920.

The rumored successor of Lumia 920 is said to be the Lumia Catwalk. With the catwalk, Nokia will supposedly do away with the polycarbonate body for an aluminum one. The final product will be lighter, stronger and thinner.

According to recent reports, Lumia Catwalk will be coming to T-Mobile. The internal hardware of the Catwalk will be similar to the one featured on Nokia Lumia 920, but that doesn’t mean Nokia is going backwards. T-Mobile customers will get a chance to buy a Windows Phone 8 device with specs that will pass for high end specs in the WP8 world.

Verizon customers will also be getting their own variant of Lumia 920, but it will be called Lumia 928 instead and is codenamed as Nokia Laser. When it comes to Nokia devices, AT&T seems to be well ahead of all the carriers. As said before, Lumia 920 is an AT&T exclusive device, and while other carriers are busy catching up by offering Lumia 920 variants, AT&T is expected to offer the Lumia device with 41 MP camera, codenamed as EOS. Again, Nokia EOS will be an AT&T exclusive.

This year, smartphones will be facing a lot of completion, thanks to high end devices from plethora of manufacturers. One turn-off about Windows Phone 8 OS is that it lacks developer support. If the launch of new low-end and high-end Windows Phone 8 devices allows WP8 to gain a market share of at least 10%, app developers will automatically focus on Microsoft’s OS. What are your thoughts on this?

Source: TheVerge