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5 Best Android Phones with Qi Wireless Charging Capability Built-In

Once a highly marketed feature of high-end smartphones, Qi wireless charging technology is now common even in the mid- and low-end category of Android phones. Customers like the idea of simply placing their devices onto a charging pad and not having to deal with tangled cables and broken charging connectors. If you don’t own a

[Deal] Rugged Caterpillar CAT S50 smartphone for $299.99

  Let’s be honest, we all love rugged phones. The #CATS50 is one such device. A generous retailer on eBay is now offering the device for just $299.99, which is an amazing deal considering its original pricing of $399.99. So saving 25% on a smartphone such as this is certainly a big deal. So what

Best waterproof Android smartphones money can buy – fall 2015 edition

If you like singing in the rain, swimming in shark-infested waters (literally), and just generally exposing yourselves to various types of liquid interaction while packing Android “heat”, then chances are you’ve been on the prowl for the perfect waterproof phone. First of all, sorry to break to you, but there’s no such thing. Secondly, even