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For The Casual Gamer: Barrr

Ever imagined what a game with Pirates would be like? Developer Firedroid has brought that idea to life in a quirky bar management game. You actually might find similarities like Restaurant City and Farmville in this mobile title, and it has actually turned out to be really good. I may be biased, as they played one of my favorite songs in their launch trailer, which was entitled “Drunken Sailor” by the Irish Rovers, but the game is still really,¬†really good if you are into casual games. It is fairly unique, and while you will find similarities, you will also find a good amount of unique content. In Barrr, you basically manage a bar for pirates. You can serve them beer, and even give them tattoos. You are also able to let them play the guitar, but I found this kind of odd for the theme they were going for, but that is fairly easy to ignore and isn’t a major problem, more of a personal opinion.

Barrr features a whopping 60 levels with three different game modes and of course, beer. Honestly, if you are looking for something casual and simple to play during the day at work today, Barrr is something that you should be looking into. There is a free version of the game, but the full version is a mere $1.99. This game does not boast of the fun level that the hit title World of Goo has, but if you are looking to blow a couple of minutes in a world of pirate, this is the game that you should be grabbing. While the game is nothing that you will be playing for hours on end, it does offer enough content to be a good time waster.

Aside from all of that, you will enjoy this game if you’ve played games like Restaurant City, Farmville or any of the popular Garfield games on the Android platform. This game also does not have a whole lot replayability, so if that is what you look for in a game to get your monies worth, this probably is not for you. Barrr offers a couple hours of fun as you go through and finish the 60 levels integrated into the game, but after that things to tend to get old and repetitive. Barrr is still a fun game, it just could potentially be better if the developers were willing to give it a constant slew of updates and new content.

Barrr was created by developer Firedroid, and has received a lot of good reviews from websites like Gizmodo and cnet. That said, in terms of casual games and time wasters, you really will want to check out Barrr, levels tend to be quick, so it is perfect to play during a lunch break or just a break in general. Heck, you may even find your boss playing it! Okay, that might be a bit of a lie, but who knows, maybe he read this along with you and thought the game was fantastic?

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