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Casio shows $2500 Paper Writer Android Tablet that also acts as a scanner

As the yearend nears, we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz from tablets that would soon be released but majority of them have almost the same features. Casio, however, wants to be unique in its own way and target the corporate market even if it means releasing a bizarre device that possibly, no one has ever seen before.

Casio’s foray into the tablet market is the Paper Writer; an Android-operated tablet that also functions as a scanner. Unexpectedly, the company is going to market it at a premium price starting at $2,500. One of the reasons why it is very expensive is because Casio is going to target the corporate market hoping the device would be warmly accepted.

The Casio Paper Writer will be using a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. There is no information as to the chipset that would be used in it but most likely it would be a Snapdragon S4 SOC (system-on-chip) from Qualcomm. There could also be 1GB RAM to complement the CPU and at least, 16GB internal memory with a slot for an external storage device. It has a battery that offers 7,000mAh, which could last up to 12 hours of straight usage, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for its operating system.

The Paper Writer has a custom camera that faces downward; it serves as the scanner. What makes it special is that Casio has given it a program that can recognize characters even if they were hand-written. It can also recognize asterisks and dollar signs as tags for where to save digitized documents. Documents would be strapped into the inside of the device’s case for scanning. The clarity of the output will entirely depend on the contrast of the paper and the ink as well as to brightness of the environment.

Does this functionality sound familiar? Yes, it is because when you think of it, it’s like taking a picture using an ordinary tablet. The character recognition technology and the vividness of the camera being used as a scanner are what made the Paper Writer “not so ordinary.”

The company has yet to officially announce the device on still undisclosed date. But it assures its customers that it will support Casio Paper Writer for years so people who will eventually order one of these won’t have to upgrade the device so soon. It may offer unique functionality but Casio is going after the market that Apple and Microsoft consider their battleground.

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Casio Forays Into Tablet Market with Paper Writer

If you are one of those consumers who still prefer using a pen and paper to take notes but are curious about tablet PCs, as well, then maybe this new offering by Casio would be appealing.

The Japan-based electronics company, known for making watches, calculators, and digital cameras has added four tablet PCs to its roster of products. Called the Paper Writer tablets, the V-N500-WJ, V-N500-J, V-T500-WJ, and the V-T500-J do not force consumers to make a choice a notepad and a tablet. Rather, it puts these choices together literally side-by-side in a single case. One one side, users can find the tablet PC while on the other, they can place a notepad. But here is where things get interesting: when users close the cover, the tablet’s front camera is able to scan what is written on the notepad with the help of preloaded software. The tablet can also be positioned in such as way so as to allow users to scan every page of a bound publication through a feature called Shot Page Turning. Apart from notes, it can also scan business cards, and automatically feed its contents, like the name, address, and contact details of the person, into the tablet’s address book.

To ensure the notes’ good image quality, Casio equipped the front-facing camera with a 5-megapixel sensor, which is better than the front-facing cameras on many tablets available today. Apart from this feature, the tablets also come with a stylus, allowing users to take notes on the touchscreen itself.

Those, however, who would like to use the front-facing camera for capturing still images or video may choose variants of the Paper Writer whose front cameras are better suited for these purposes. All four variants, however, let users take photos and videos using the rear-facing camera.

As for its hardware, the Paper Writer tablets come with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage capacity, and support for NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

At the moment, the Paper Writer tablets are available in Japan, and there is no word whether they will be released abroad.

via androidauthority