5 Best Kindle Fire 7 Case In 2020

In the market for an Amazon Kindle Fire 7? They are great little tablets — affordable, powerful, and have a massive ecosystem, thanks not only to many of Amazon’s services available, but their massive appStore, too. However, there’s only so much quality Amazon can pack in such a cheap tablet, so it’s no surprise that


Top Three Cases For Your iPhone 5

The one disadvantage the iPhone has over a lot of Android devices is the fact that the device does not have Corning’s Gorilla Glass. That said, it can break easier when you accidentally drop it on the ground. Accidents happen, and your bound to drop your phone at least once. It only takes one drop

Cruzer Lite’s Androidified Galaxy Nexus Cases Are Back In Stock

Back in January, right after CES, we wrote about these really cool silicon cases for your Galaxy Nexus by our friends at Cruzer Lite.¬† The series of cases called “Androidified” sports our favorite little green robot actually molded into the back of the case as seen above. They are very durable soft gel cases. In