HTC One coming to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and 80 markets

HTC announced its flagship phone for 2013, the HTC One, today. HTC hasn’t exactly had a good time in the business last year, but it hopes that the HTC One will help it achieve the targets set by the company for this year. By the looks of it, the device should bring good amount of

Should You Root Your Device?

Rooting can be a potentially dangerous action for your smartphone, especially if it were an expensive smartphone. I’ve listed a few questions to ask yourself before rooting your device below. Should I risk it? This — from what I have noticed — is one of the popular questions when it comes to rooting a device.

Nexus 7 3G Now Available On Three UK

  Three UK has just announced that they are now carrying the HSPA version of Google’s Nexus 7. Starting today, consumers can head on over to Three retail stores to pick up Google’s ASUS-manufactured Nexus 7 tablet. At the time of this writing, the HSPA Nexus 7 can not be found on Three’s website, but

60% Of U.S Smartphone Users Want To Customize Their Own Data Plans

Now here’s a study done by Strategy Analytics that really isn’t surprising. Strategy Analytics did a study, and the results of that study said that 60-percent of smartphone users in the United States would prefer that they have the ability to customize their data plans. Keep in mind that it is not secret that carriers structure their

Wireless Providers Back In Business After Power Restored in NYC

Cell services have been restored after commercial power companies started to provide electricity to millions of homes and establishments in the areas ravaged by superstorm Sandy last week. Con Edison, the larger power provider in New York, has already started restoring electric supply to a large part of the Big Apple after successfully repairing some

4G In The United Kingdom Ready For Widespread Roll Out

Several different UK mobile network providers, the UK’s communications regulator Ofcon, and some other government officials have officially announced a deal that will be accelerating the roll out of 4G LTE services throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom. This new settlement means that carriers like O2 and Vodafone will have the ability to begin

Vodafone UK Announces Sony Xperia J and Xperia T

Three UK isn’t the only carrier getting some sexy new Sony phone as Vodafone UK seems to be joining in the party. The company has announced that the Xperia T and Xperia J will be “launched over the coming months.” Vodafone refused to confirm the £415 SIM-free price tag for the Xperia T or the £140 for

Leaked Screenshots Suggesting Galaxy Note 2 Coming To Verizon & AT&T

Earlier this week we have already seen leaks that have suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy Note II may be headed to both Sprint and T-Mobile in the United States. Today we have seen further leaks that has indicated that both AT&T and Verizon could also be getting this handset. Several different leaked screenshots that were obtained

MWC: Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn In Favor Of Unlocked Phones

One thing that has been crippling to the U.S. mobile phone market is locked phones. In every other part of the world customers purchase the phone they want and then take it to the carrier they want. Sure it means that customers pay a little more for the device but they aren’t relegated to a

Verizon Considering Shared Data Plans?

It looks as if Verizon is following in AT&T’s footsteps and has dropped their unlimited data plans for tiered structure. While this may sound like bad news there is a ray of hope. Verizon has also shown evidence that they may soon be offering shared data plans. While speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit,

Are there still consequences to rooting your phone?

One of the biggest part of the Android experience is the conversation that surronds Root. Root Access to your phone can grant you some flexibility with your device, and while I will not get into it here, I will say that it’s popularity grows daily. One of the biggest booms to that sub-community was the

"root" questions left unanswered

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online The celebration has finally died down a bit. The DMCA was updated to include the protection of Cell Phones, specifically Rooting devices and adding legally obtained software. It was a huge step in the right direction for freedom of mobile devices. The biggest question I have had since