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Verizon Wireless added 1.5 million postpaid customers in Q4 2015

It seems like #Verizon ended 2015 on a high note as the carrier supposedly added 1.5 million subscribers in Q4 2015, which also happens to be during the holiday season. This last minute surge took the company’s figures past the 4.5 million mark in 2015, marking a very productive year. The carrier made $34.25 billion in the year,

T-Mobile added a total of 2.1 million customers in Q4 2015

T-Mobile has announced that it has added a total of 2.1 million customers in the fourth quarter of 2015, showing fairly moderate growth in the Holiday season, which is regarded as one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year in the mobile industry. The carrier overall added 8.3 million customers in 2015, which

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AT&T will relaunch the Cricket Wireless brand in Q2 2014

After AT&T closed its acquisition of Leap Wireless last month, the carrier announced that Cricket Wireless will still remain alive despite the closing of its parent company. AT&T even mentioned plans to merge Aio Wireless with Cricket in the coming days. And speaking at AT&T’s quarterly earnings call, the CFO John Stephens mentioned that the carrier will

AT&T and UK Carrier EE Partner for 4G LTE Roaming In The UK

AT&T has been signing lots of deals with international carriers lately, most recently with Rogers in Canada. Now AT&T users who travel to the UK can use EE’s 4G LTE service. Usually you can only use 3G and HSPA services when traveling, but now people who rely on fast data speeds can benefit. A deal

US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to arrive in October

The US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available this coming October, according to an announcement from the company today. US Cellular will join the major phone makers in the United States in offering the newly-unveiled Samsung phablet. Specifications The US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a 5.7 inch 1920 x 1080 Super

T-Mobile Moto X may not be coming

The deal between T-Mobile and Motorola that allows the wireless carrier to sell the upcoming Moto X has not been finalized. 9to5Google was the first to publish the information after receiving a tip. Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported a conflicting report that claims that all major wireless carriers in the United States—that is, Verizon,

US Cellular to launch Moto X on August 26th

U.S. Cellular will launch the Moto X on August 26, according to an allegedly leak internal memo obtained by Android Central. Stated in the memo are the words “Wave 1, 2, & 3,” which according to their source means that the Moto X will arrive first to the wireless carrier’s LTE markets, and eventually to