HTC America Settles With FTC On Carrier IQ And HTC Loggers Issue

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has reported that HTC America has settled with them the issue on failing to secure its mobile devices that have been shipped to consumers. Charges were previously filed against the company for failing to take reasonable steps in securing the software of its mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones

Mobile Device Privacy Act To Prevent Carrier IQ Incidents In The Future

When Carrier IQ was first exposed by’s Russell Holly it sparked a whirlwind of information and debate even at congressional levels. Key members of congress like Senator Al Franken and Congressman Edward Markey, both wanted to hear from Carrier IQ in regards to protecting citizens privacy. The debate over Carrier IQ sparked a new

Sprint Disabling Carrier IQ received an official statement from Sprint on Friday that said they were disabling Carrier IQ services from all of their phones. The statement came on the heels of a report at that Sprint had demanded all of their manufacturer partners remove the service from their devices and do so quickly. According to