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T-Mobile Adds More To Carrier Billing

Ok the news in this article is that T-Mobile is beefing up it’s direct carrier billing initiatives. T-Mobile was the first carrier to allow carrier billing for purchases in the Android Market.  To make it easier for customers who didn’t want to use a personal credit or debit card tied to a Google Checkout account, T-Mobile customers could just bill their Android Market purchases to their wireless bill.

T-Mobile has announced that they will allow direct carrier billing services provided for Billtomobile, Boku, OpenMarket, PayPhone and Zong.  Most of these companies specialize in virtual goods purchased through in game purchases on both phones and social media sites.

T-Mobile will make another announcement later this month telling customers exactly what they can bill through their phones.  T-Mobile says that this kind of payment is safe and secure because it calls for a 2 step verification process.

Source: TechFlash