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Carly Changes Image T-Mobile Teases New Commercial, Most Likely For HTC One S

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T-Mobile’s bubbly spokes model Carly Foulkes looks to be trading in her magenta (not pink folks) dresses for a leather biker’s jacket. T-Mobile looks to be getting a little more aggressive with their advertising now that they are dealing with the realization that T-Mobile USA will be functioning on it’s own for the foreseeable future.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom, has said they have earmarked $4 billion dollars for a 4G/LTE rollout in the US. While they are a little late in the game with 4G/LTE T-Mobile does have a solid “4G”network with HSPA+ however 4G/LTE would be a great improvement.

As for the advertisement, T-Mobile is having a kick off party on Wednesday night in New York City. We’ll be there covering all the action and expect to hear an official roll out date for the HTC One S. Reviewers have been asked to hold off until that day.

Check out the teaser below:

source: 9to5Google

Is T-Mobile Planning An All Phones Free Promo For Next Saturday?

For the past few years you could count on T-Mobile for a really big Valentine’s Day promotion and a very big Father’s Day promotion. It looks like we could be in for another really big Valentine’s Day promotion that’s scheduled to happen next weekend.

According to information given to TMoNews, T-Mobile is planning a big sale next Saturday and all hands need to be available to work.

Tmonews has received a tip that all smartphones and devices will be free with a mail in rebate but for one day only. The only caveat thus far seems to be that the Samsung Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G will require a 5gb data plan subscription.

TmoNews, and of course the rest of the world, are waiting for more information. But heck it’s only a week away.

source: Tmonews


Carly And Over 100 Choir Singers In Magenta Dresses Take Over Mall For T-Mobile’s Holiday Greeting

T-Mobile shows again that while their merger with AT&T is in complete chaos and turmoil, things are business as usual at big magenta. Of course during the holiday season that means big celebrations, big things and lots of fun.

A few weeks ago we started seeing tweets, and lots of them, from various people in the Chicago area who said they were working on a T-Mobile commercial. The variety and sheer number of different people tweeting about this T-Mobile shoot meant something big was happening.

While it looks like T-Mobile won’t be merging anytime soon we’ve said time and time again one of the biggest things that we would miss about T-Mobile was the fun. T-Mobile throws industry, media and customer appreciation events like no other company in the wireless industry. The holidays is no different.

Sure shutting down a mall, hiring hundreds of choir singers and writing a 3:48 song just for Carly to say “Happy Holidays From T-Mobile” may be a bit much but it’s refreshing this time of year and something only the fun department at T-Mobile could engineer.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays from T-Mobile

Is T-Mobile Too Business As Usual?

T-Mobile is on the verge of a huge buy out. As everyone knows AT&T is hoping that federal regulators are almost done the approval for their proposed $39 Billion dollar buy out of the fourth largest carrier in the United States.

Let’s be frank for just a few minutes.  Although I’m going to incite the naysayers and the optimists, at this point in the game I am pretty confident that AT&T will get the approval of the merger. AT&T has a lot more money to spend on capital hill to push lobbyists, congressman and other influencers to sway in their direction.  Also, the brunt of the lobbying is done as the merger just needs the approval of the Department of Justice and the FCC at this point in time.

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Find The Android Beanies At ComicCon 2011 And Win!!!

Thedroidguy staff has taken to the streets of San Diego, California and the San Diego Convention Center for ComicCon 2011.  As you probably know ComicCon in San Diego is the largest comic and popular arts convention in the world.  It’s also the largest collection of geeks and geekettes on earth and we’re there in the thick of it, not to take a vacation but to work to bring you everything going on from ComicCon 2011.

As you probably know the Android Beanie’s, available exclusively from, have kind of became our trademark over the last year.  They’ve been to Barelona, London, Seoul, Germany, California, Texas, New York, Florida and many many more places representing Android fans throughout the world. We even got Carly from T-Mobile to wear it.  ComicCon 2011 will be no different.

So if you’re headed out to ComicCon here’s a real easy contest for you.  If you spot an Android Beanie (and it doesn’t have to be on a TDG Staffers head) snap a picture of the beanie and post it to twitter. Make sure you include @thedroidguy @androidbeanie and @androidswag in the tweet, and you could win one of four $25 gift certificates to  A random winner from each day’s pics will be chosen at the end of the day (10pm Pacific Time).

Again, even if it’s just another Android fan and not affiliated with just snap a picture of the Android Beanie at ComicCon and you could easily win this win!

Good Luck and please visit Android Swag for all your Android gear needs!

T-Mobile Business As Usual Means Awesome Bi-Coastal Parties

One thing we’ve come to know over the years as mobile tech journalists as that T-Mobile throws some awesome parties. Despite the fact that T-Mobile’s future is uncertain tonight that tradition continued.

Although the Samsung Sidekick 4G, The LG T-Mobile G2x and the T-Mobile G-Slate all came out to retail today, T-Mobile still saw it fitting to throw two big bashes tonight, one in New York and the other in LA.

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