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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

5 Best Carbon Monoxide Alarms in 2019

A home smoke alarm is very crucial as it can warn you of potential harmful smoke around you when you’re unaware. Today, there are smart alarms that can pair with your smartphone or tablet and provide warnings directly on your phone. Among the many smokes that a home emits, carbon monoxide is by far the most dangerous. These harmful smoke particles can be released into the atmosphere if you have a fireplace or heating that relies on burning of fuels.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Luckily, there are carbon monoxide alarms available in the market today, helping you keep you and your family safe. We’re going to talk about five of these alarms today in an attempt to help you pick out the best ones. The list also includes two smart carbon monoxide alarms that can pair with your Android smartphone or tablet for added convenience. So let’s have a look at these products.

5 Best Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Nest Protect

Nest makes amazing thermostats and smoke alarms too. This particular unit is easy to install and is available in a wired and wireless variant, offering you the liberty to choose the kind of connection you want. The Nest Protect also comes with automatic battery checks, saving you the trouble of wondering if the battery is running out anytime soon. As far as the battery is concerned, the company mentions that it uses two long lasting AA batteries, so you probably won’t be required to change it often. When the batteries are in fact running low, the user will get a notification on their smartphone so that the entire house isn’t woken up.

Since alerts will still be sent out by the detector directly, the user can silence them using the smartphone app. Further, you can add multiple Nest Protect units at your home and have them automatically pair over a Wi-Fi network. Each unit of the Nest Protect will set you back by $120 while used units are available for as low as $99.99.

First Alert OneLink

This is considered by experts to be one of the best carbon monoxide alarms out there. It works wirelessly and operates on two AA batteries. Experts claim that it can accurately predict the CO levels in the atmosphere on both low and high end of the spectrums. This particular unit can only be mounted on the ceiling. While this particular unit can work with Apple’s HomeKit, it lacks support for Alexa and Android, which is a bit of a letdown.

But as far as CO monitoring is concerned, the First Alert OneLink will do a solid job. Much like the Nest unit, this works as a standard smoke alarm as well as a CO alarm, giving you the best of both worlds. Users can pair two or more units automatically with 11 programmable locations around your home or apartment. Given the range it offers, people recommend this product for bigger homes. Just one CO alarm won’t suffice, though, so you will probably need to invest in multiple units. This model is significantly cheaper than the Nest Protect at just $73 for a single unit.


This is a conventional plug in CO detector, which might need some knowhow to place in your home. Despite being powered with an AC adapter, it also comes with a 9V battery allowing the device to be running even during power outages. The unit has instructions in French and English next to the buttons. A test/reset button allows you to test the unit or reset the alarm when it’s beeping. The onboard display offers a comprehensive look at the kind of smoke that’s around you, and will efficiently warn you when the CO levels rise up.

The CO indicator shows the figures in PPM or parts per millions, which refreshes every 15 minutes on its own. The peak button on the device allows you to check the maximum level of CO recorded by the device after it was reset. More importantly, at $31.73, this is significantly cheaper than the other CO alarms that we spoke about. That’s primarily because this alarm lacks smartphone support.


This is a simplistic looking smoke and CO alarm with a display to show the CO levels in your surroundings. It’s significantly easier to install since it doesn’t require a hardwired connection. This basically means that the unit runs on battery and the user will be required to change it whenever they run out. It uses three AA batteries, so it’s wise to stock up on batteries when you get this unit.

When placed at up to 6 to 12 meters, the coverage area of this CO alarm is 80m2. So if you want the entire home covered, it’s probably wiser to invest in two or more units. The CO level is displayed in PPM as with the unit we spoke about above. Thanks to the photoelectric sensor on board, the company mentions that the number of false alarms will be significantly cut down. False alarms are one of the primary concerns with smoke detectors.

There’s only one button on this CO detector, which can be used to test the unit or simply silence the alarm. This keeps things simple and easy to understand for the user. At $26.95, this CO smoke detector is extremely affordable.

Alert Pro

Using a circular shape like the CO detector we spoke about above, this unit can cover any small room. As is the case with smoke detectors, you might need multiple depending on the size of your home. This unit comes included with a 9V DC battery, promising to keep the device running for a long time. The alarm is rated at 85dB, ensuring that it’s loud enough for the entire home to hear. The company mentions that this can also be used on vehicles, thanks to the shockproof body. The company offers the mounting tools required for installation, with a smooth 5 year warranty to help you buy this unit with confidence. This particular CO alarm can be bought for just $21.48 on Amazon.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms