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Samsung Issues User Guide For Galaxy S Value Pack

The O.G. Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate, Vibrant, Epic 4G, Fascinate) will not be getting Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Instead, Samsung is issuing a “value pack” upgrade which has many of the features Ice Cream Sandwich users around the world are raving about.

Some of the photo based features like the ability to snap a picture while in video as well as Face unlock are found in the Samsung Value Pack.

The Face Unlock is actually a little more secure in the Value Pack. As our friends at Phonearena point out, you must blink before it recognizes you for Faceunlock, insuring that the unlocking mechnaism is looking at an actual person and not at a picture.

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AT&T Samsung Captivate Fryoyo Update Live And Yes It’s Mini Kies

Samsung has announced that the Froyo update for the Samsung Captivate is live and it requires a mini-kies installation. Complete instructions can be found here.

What does that mean? It’s not an over the air update and it requires you to manually install it via a PC/Windows based machine, leaving Captivate owners with Macs out to dry.

Some of the features you will gain from this Froyo update are:
-USB Tethering
– Mobile Hotspot
– Flash 10.1 support
– Enhanced MS Exchange Support
– Speed and performance optimization
– Apps to microSD card functionality

To get the update go here. Gotta Mac? Find a friend with a PC

Source: Samsung

Samsung Did Sell 10 Million Galaxy S Phones


Samsung has reported that they sold the 10 Million Galaxy S phones they were hoping for in 2010.

Jason Kim, a spokesperson for Samsung told Bloomberg in an interview Sunday that Samsung hit their goal world wide.  The Samsung Galaxy S was released in June. 

The Samsung Vibrant was the first Galaxy S to hit the US followed a few days later by AT&T with the Samsung Captivate. Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G came at the end of August and featured a slide out Qwerty keyboard, and 4G radio.  In September Verizon released the Samsung Fascinate.

When Samsung first stated they would sell 10 million Galaxy S phones it seemed like a lofty goal.  However with the 1ghz hummingbird processor and superAMOLED screen its one of the sharpest Android handsets available.

All of the US Variants including one at US Cellular and one at Cellular South, are still on Android 2.1

Source: Businessweek

Samsung Misses Unofficial Froyo Deadline


This is almost heartbreaking for me as I really love the Samsung Galaxy S line and the Galaxy Tab however we couldnt help but notice that Samsung missed their unofficial end of the year deadline for upgrading their US Galaxy S Variants.

The Samsung Captivate on AT&T and the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile were the first Galaxy S devices released in the United States and as such were expected to be the first upgraded to Android 2.2 “Froyo”.

The Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint was the best of the four variants and a flagship device for the nations third largest carrier.  The last rumored upgrade date for the Epic 4G was Sunday December 26th, complete with what was believed to be a screen shot showing Sprint technicians what to expect. broke the news Christmas day that the update was again delayed.

Several websites ran a screen shot earlier this week showing that the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon Wireless may receive the froyo update this week. That didn’t happen either.

At this point most carriers have said they would have a Froyo update for their respective Galaxy S devices “soon” without giving any better time frame than that.

Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy S owners abroad have already received their update.  There are a few Froyo Roms around the internet that will work on some of the US Galaxy S devices.

Samsung Galaxy S owners are growing impatient with all of these delays, especially because Samsung has already released a device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Samsung Froyo Coming To US Galaxy S’ or Not So Much? is reporting that has tipped them off to the fact that the Samsung official website shows the Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Epic and Samsung Fascinate coming with Android 2.2 Froyo. How’s that for the horses mouth?

Many Samsung Galaxy S owners have become frustrated with the manufacturer because of delays in updating the extremely popular handset. Rumors since the Galaxy S line launch over the summer have pegged the update for September, November and December with the most recent missed deadline December 26th for the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint.

But what does it mean that the handset feature roundups on say 2.2? Is Samsung preparing the updates for release this week? Also the website still shows the Samsung Captivate and Samsung Continuum rocking Android 2.1. The Captivate and the Vibrant were at one time rumored to be the first of the Galaxy S’ to receive the update.

Samsung at one time said that the US variants of the Galaxy S would see the update to Android 2.2 by the end of the year, which at this point is just days away.

Source: Androidcentral via Androidpolice

Samsung Galaxy Leads the Nominees in CTIA’s Hot For The Holidays

Washington DC- CTIA announced the nominees for this years “Hot For The Holidays” Competition. The Hot For The Holidays takes a mixed look at consumer mobile electronics and nominates products in various categories that mobile, gadget, lifestyle, social media and electronics experts evaluate to narrow down the finalists. The products are nominated in the following categories:

Fitness Buff
Gadget Guru
Gamer and Entertainment Fan
Health & Wellness Nut
Music Enthusiast
Road Warrior
Shutter Bug
Social Butterfly

With 10 nominations across the Samsung Galaxy S line, Samsung Telecommunications America/Samsung Mobile USA led the pack of all the nominees to the finalist level.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was a finalist in Fashionista, Gadget Guru, Globetrotter and Road Warrior
The Samsung Galaxy S Line were finalists in: Gamer & Entertainment Fan, Road Warrior and Social Butterfly

The finals are held October 7th at CTIA. These nominations are another indication that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be the must have gadget this holiday season.