Galaxy Note 5 cannot make a call or send SMS, other issues

Here’s another roundup of issues for the #GalaxyNote5. The first one addresses an issue wherein a Note 5 cannot make a call or send SMS. The rest of the issues have been dealt in our previous posts but we see it as important to provide their solutions in this material again. We hope that this article can

Galaxy S7 unable to send SMS all the time, other issues

Here’s another list of #GalaxyS7 issues for today. Although the Galaxy S7 is an excellent hardware in almost all respects as compared with its current crop of rivals, the five topics below is another proof that it’s just as frustrating using it if it suffers from problems. We hope that our solutions in this post can

Delays in sending SMS/text messages on the Galaxy S7, other issues

We cover two SMS-related issues on the #GalaxyS7 today. We also tackle two separate problems that we think deserve to be mentioned. For more issues and solutions, don’t hesitate to follow these links for the S7 and S7 edge. Solutions to Galaxy S7 black screen issue Delays in sending SMS/text messages on the Galaxy S7

Photos edited with Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen are corrupted, other issues

Our #GalaxyNote4 post for today covers two S-Pen-related problems. We very rarely receive issues related to the Note 4 S-Pen so we are happy to tackle at least two problems for this functionality. The rest of the issues have been discussed in our other posts before but we have decided to publish our suggestions here for convenience.

Galaxy Note 5 cannot be unlocked, other boot issues

Looking for ways how to go around that pesky #GalaxyNote5 lock screen? This post today may help you. We also include other power-related issues in this article to help those struggling with them. Below are the specific topics discussed in this article: Galaxy Note 5 cannot be unlocked Verizon Galaxy Note 5 no longer sending