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Galaxy S7 cannot send SMS and email to other networks, other issues

Good day everyone! Here’s another brief list of other #GalaxyS7 series issues submitted by members of our community. For those who sent requests for assistance to use but don’t find their issues published here, we say please continue to watch out for more similar posts in the near future. In the meantime, these are the

Galaxy S7 mobile data connection not working, other issues

One of the issues discussed in this post today is about an S7 mobile data connection not working. Although this problem does not usually happen, you will find out that the solutions to it may be overly simplistic. Continue reading below to see how we resolve this particular problem.   We also include other #GalaxyS7 problems

Gmail app on Galaxy Note 4 not syncing properly, plus other issues

Hello everyone! Welcome to another post about #GalaxyNote4 problems and solutions. We’ve gathered issues that you don’t usually encounter in many Android forums. We hope that these solutions can help other users who may have similar experience with their Note 4. Gmail app on Galaxy Note 4 not syncing properly Galaxy Note 4 won’t charge