Galaxy S7 can’t encrypt SD card, other issues

Today we give you 5 more #GalaxyS7 issues. One such issues is S7 can’t encrypt SD card. We hope that the suggestions and solutions in this post will help those looking for answers. Below are the exact topics in this material: Galaxy S7 can’t encrypt SD card | Galaxy S7 takes a long time to read

Delays in sending SMS/text messages on the Galaxy S7, other issues

We cover two SMS-related issues on the #GalaxyS7 today. We also tackle two separate problems that we think deserve to be mentioned. For more issues and solutions, don’t hesitate to follow these links for the S7 and S7 edge. Solutions to Galaxy S7 black screen issue Delays in sending SMS/text messages on the Galaxy S7

Galaxy S6 fails to boot normally after a failed update, other issues

As you may have already known, updates can sometimes cause problems instead instead of fixing some. That’s because there’s simply too many variables that developers cannot deal all at once. The interplay of operating system and apps can sometimes lead to conflicts that developers may not have anticipated. We hope that this post can help those looking