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Analalyst: This Generation Of Tablets Not Post-PC Devices

There’s been a lot of talk about the “Post PC” era. Most of the chatter started at Apple. Before his death Apple’s CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Jobs, positioned the iPad as “Post PC” devices. Trusted industry analyst and research firm IDC has said we are not in a “Post PC” era. This statement from IDC

Android Finishes The Year On Top, Way On Top

Canalys has released their end of year numbers for global smartphone sales. It’s no surprise that everyone’s favorite little green robot operating system is on top of the heap, in fact way on top of the heap. Before we get all technical remember we are talking about smartphone units here. Android finished up the year

HTC Puts Another Nail In RIM’s Coffin

HTC’s smartphone sales were through the roof last quarter. HTC beat out both Apple and Samsung in smartphone sales (Samsung won on phones overall though).  According to the latest research from Canalys, HTC shipped 5.7 million smartphones in the third quarter while Samsung shipped 5.2 million. Apple came in third place with 4.9 million.  Many

1-31-2011 The Day Android Took Over The World!

Canalys, is one of the wireless space research companies that is as reliable in the cell phone industry as NPD, Forrester and Nielsen, has declared Android the biggest selling smartphone OS in the world. Rim sold 14.6 million units. Apple sold 16.2 million units, Nokia/symbian sold 31.0 and Android sold 33.3 million units in the

Canalys: Android Fragmentation Good For OS

Despite the death of Android news that the iPhone lovers would like to spread, research firm Canalys remains positive about Android.  Although some may view fragementation as a bad thing, Canalys contends that manufacturers are taking advantage of the free open source OS to get more smartphones in the hands of more people across the