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HTC One arrives on Canada’s WIND Mobile


The HTC One has had a gradual rollout, just coming to Verizon Wireless after three long months, even regional US carrier C Spire grabbed the device before the big red carrier.

Canada’s WIND Mobile has now got the HTC One under its service and is the fourth carrier in Canada to pick up the smartphone, the other three being Telus, Rogers and Bell, the three main carriers in the country.

WIND Mobile has had a troubled past grabbing the latest and greatest smartphones, with the three big carriers who absorb most of the customers in Canada taking the exclusive deals. It was even rumoured for a time Verizon Wireless were thinking of grabbing WIND Mobile and Mobilicity to tackle the Canadian market.

The HTC One is still our favourite device on the market right now, even with the Moto X and Lumia 1020 coming out the woodwork as competent challengers for first place.

Design, display, performance and UI all packed nicely in one bag makes this our favourite and with over seven million sales so far, it seems like consumers around the world enjoy the smartphone.

With WIND Mobile, they are offering to sell the phone outright for $629 or for as low as $329 on the WINDTab 40 plan. This is a little more expensive than the three major carriers, all offering the phone at $199 on a two year contract.


Six Canadian carriers will offer the LG G2

Verizon LG G2

Verizon LG G2

When Samsung launches a smartphone, almost every carrier in the world snags it onto their service, with the LG G2, the South Korean arch-rival wants to achieve the same worldwide availability, to push the product beyond previous generations.

This has been done in the US, where LG announced the new flagship would be coming on all four major carriers. Currently Verizon seems to be the only one that cares about promoting the fact the LG G2 is coming to the US, with AT&T focused on the Moto X, Sprint getting bought out and T-Mobile proving their deals are better.

In Canada, LG is going with more than just the major carriers, with six confirmed already. The big three, Rogers, Bell and Telus, will be carrying the device, this will make up the bulk of LG G2 orders. The other three, WIND Mobile, SaskTel and Videotron, will try to sell the phone at different price points, ultimately trying to keep profits up against the big carriers.

We are glad to see some competition in Canada for once, the government and regulations office does not tolerate any moves by the big carrier companies, with their dominance on the market making competition almost a non-factor. The LG G2 has still yet to be priced in Canada or the US.

Source: LG Electronics