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How to Add a Camera Shortcut in the Galaxy S4 Lock Screen

How to Easily Add a Camera Shortcut in the Galaxy S4

How to Easily Add a Camera Shortcut in the Galaxy S4

Surely, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with so many features that are very beneficial to consumers. However, you might have noticed that a camera shortcut is lacking in its lock screen. This is because including the camera app in the shortcut of your phone is only optional. The default setting of the device had it disabled.

Putting a camera shortcut in the lock screen is actually very easy. For the benefit of the uninitiated, this article will provide you with the two ways to do it.

The First Method of Putting Galaxy S4 Camera Shortcut

The first method of putting a camera shortcut in the Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen just involves the following steps:

1. Enter the Home screen.

2. Click Menu.

3. Proceed to the Settings app.

4. Next, go to the My Device option.

5. Select Lock screen.

6. Look for the Shortcuts portion and simply enable it.

7. Now, you will be able to personalize the shortcut icons that you want to appear on your screen. Just drag the camera app upwards to include it in your lock screen.

The Second Method of Inserting Galaxy S4 Camera Shortcut

Another way to accomplish this is by following these set of procedures:

1. Repeat the steps in the first method which was discussed prior. Go all the way until the fifth step.

2. After performing the series of steps there up to the fifth step, go to Multiple Widgets.

3. Follow the last step by entering the Lock Screen Widgets option.

4. Proceed to the Favorite Apps or Camera. This controls the widgets that will appear on your device in its far right section. Choosing Favorite Apps will let you personalize the grid of apps that will show up in your screen. But choosing Camera will directly place a big camera icon in your screen.

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