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Galaxy Note 5 stuck in boot loop after rooting, other issues

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Good day everyone! We give you three more #GalaxyNote5 issues and solutions in this post. We hope that we continue to serve Android community as we continue to offer free advice in this blog. Don’t forget to visit previously posted materials for this device by following this link.

  1. Galaxy Note 5 stuck in boot loop after rooting
  2. Signal is breaking up on receiver’s end when making a call on Galaxy Note 5
  3. Galaxy Note 5 has multiple problems after an update

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Problem #1: Galaxy Note 5 stuck in boot loop after rooting

I have a Note 5 sm-n9200 Hong Kong running marshmallow. i have tried several times to root the phone but it keeps saying fail. before i try to root the phone if i put it on download mode and press volume up i use to see custom binary (recovery) blocked by frp lock so i was thinking maybe that why it always fail to root. then i turn on my phone and downloaded bypass install it then put it on download mode try to root it and it rooted. i was excited.

before i root it, i remove the sim card after the root i was using the phone so i had to insert my sim card and it say i should restart the device. when i did it never come up. it keeps restarting and going off and on on Samsung logo.

so i downloaded the software version for me to be able to unroot the phone and set the phone back to the original. when i flash the phone back then it boot up and show me language. i select English. then it show me network. i connected my WiFi and click on next. then it says i should agree to the terms and condition. when i did it keeps loading and it never passes the internet. i can’t click on next or skip it and because is not allowed then return me back to the WiFi settings.

i inserted my sim card, got to the network connection keep loading and say no internet connection and return me back to WiFi settings.

so i try to turn off the WiFi and click next to continue but next never appear. i can’t click on next on skip. i am stuck at those place for weeks now. i keep asking for help no one respond to me until i finally found this page on the internet. Please, i really need your help and reply on this. I am getting frustrated day by day. your help will be much appreciated. i love note 5. thank you. — Jeff

Solution: Hi Jeff. This is exactly one of the reasons why average users are discouraged to customize or modify official software in the first place. There’s always a risk of complications when doing it due to a number of reasons.

While installation of custom ROMs and rooting is not illegal in most countries, the process can often result to problems like the one you’re experiencing right now. In terms of solutions, there aren’t many options for you. The things that we recommend here may or may not work on your particular device. Anyhow, here they are.

Turn off the phone

The first step is meant to ensure that the device completes a full power cycle. Make sure that the phone is turned off for at least 10 minutes in order to fully drain any charge in its inside components.

Boot your Note 5 in Recovery mode

You have two aims in booting your phone in this mode. The first one is to check if you can regain normal boot mode after wiping the cache partition. The second one is to wipe the phone clean via factory reset. Here are the steps on how to boot in recovery mode:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons first, and then press and hold the Power key.
  • Keep the three buttons pressed and when ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key but continue holding the other two.
  • Once the Android logo shows, release both the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  • The notice ‘Installing system update’ will show on the screen for 30 to 60 seconds before the Android system recovery screen is shown with its options.
  • Use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘wipe cache partition’ or ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and press the Power key to select it.

Try to install other stock or custom ROMs

If wiping the cache partition and factory reset won’t help, the only solution at your disposal is flash other firmware for your device. We know you’ve already tried this once but it sometimes work when done correctly. If the phone remains stuck in bootloop though, find a way to have it replaced.

Problem #2: Signal is breaking up on receiver’s end when making a call on Galaxy Note 5

For the past two weeks almost every person I’ve talked to on the phone with has complained that my signal is breaking up despite the fact that I can hear them just fine. This occurs everywhere — at work, out or at home. My phone signal is at least two bars almost always. I’ve already played with the signal settings going from Global to LTE (haven’t messed with GSM simply because it’s given me an error message before) and I’ve already replaced the SIM card but yet I’m still having complaints.

I haven’t recently tested out the recording voice and playing it back option but I did a few months ago and it worked just fine. I’m not sure what else it could be other than network coverage, but I have Verizon… they’re supposed to work everywhere so I’m at a complete loss as far as what I can do. Hopefully you have some advice for me… — Natalie

Solution: Hi Natalie. The first thing that you want to do is boot your phone in safe mode. This will help you determine if a third party app is to blame. To do that, just follow these steps:

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • Once ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • The phone will restart but keep the Volume Down button pressed.
  • Once the phone has finished restarting, ‘Safe mode’ will be display in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • You may now release the Volume Down button.

Safe mode prevents third party apps from running so if your voice calls work normally on the receiving end, that’s an indication that an app is responsible for the issue.

If the same thing happens even when safe mode is enabled, the next best thing that you can do is to record your voice so you can listen to the output. If your voice does not sound normal in the recording, or if there’s a crackling sound in the background, the problem should be on the microphone. Try using a headset during calls to remedy the situation, or better still, simply ask for a replacement device.

However, if your voice sounds normal and there’s no discernable microphone problem, the most likely culprit is your network. Make sure that you work with your wireless carrier to resolve the issue.

Problem #3: Galaxy Note 5 has multiple problems after an update

Worked fine for almost a year. The Keyboard failed. Touchwiz failed. I used Swype and then back to the Keyboard after the updates. Then there was a lag when texting or typing more than a sentence anywhere. Then it started to crash and restart. Then crash and restart on two different screens. One was with the Android on the screen stating “Downloading – do not turn off – Target.” Then the second is “Kernel Panic Mode.”

Both times I did a soft restart and it would work fine. Then it would keep happening until it finally died and won’t turn on.

Took it to Sprint. They won’t touch it since there’s no insurance on it. And it was brought to the Samsung branch in NYC where they’re saying they will not fix it or replace because they’re blaming me for downloading a third-party app that caused the issue. They referred to the error screen that stated among it’s wording “custom” stating it’s something I did. This is all despite the fact that the phone was brought to them within the one-year warranty so I’m fuming.

Any guidance or direction on this matter will be appreciated. I’m disgusted that Samsung won’t take care of this issue being that I’ve read of the Note 5 having issues after software updates. Which is when my issues started.

I downloaded the first major last update and I started to have the phone lag when texting. Then I ran the second smaller update and then my major issues started. I’m very frustrated and next step is to contact the Samsung the corporation via a phone call. Note the phone is a lease out of Best Buy and that’s another stop that’s going to be made.

Thank you in advance! — Lynnette

Solution: Hi Lynnette. Looks like the main concern right now is how to power on the phone. In order to do some troubleshooting, we must first ensure that your phone turns on. If we can’t attain that, there’s really nothing much that we can do to help. If your phone won’t power on, that’s probably because of a hardware failure. Because we can’t obviously fix a hardware issue, you must find a way to resolve the issue on your end. You might want to tap third party shops to do that.

However, if your phone still turns on but is stuck in Samsung logo screen or goes directly to Odin/Download mode, you want to check if you can boot it to recovery mode instead. Please refer to the steps provided above on how to do this.

If the phone remains generally unresponsive and will only boot in download mode, look for guides in the web on how to install stock firmware in your particular phone. Keep in mind that manually installing a firmware is risky and may even complicate the current issue you have. However, this is the only effective solution left for you at this time.



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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 takes too long to capture pictures, Camera settings gone, more Camera issues

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#Samsung #GalaxyNote5) has an amazing camera and it’s one of things the company always gives emphasis on its ads that’s why we understand why some users get extremely disappointed if it doesn’t work the way it should.


In this post, I tackled a few camera related problems with the Note 5 including the lagging issue wherein the camera takes so long to snap a picture. Cameras are supposed to be quick to be able to capture important events but how would you feel if opening the app take forever to accomplish?

Read on to know more about the issues I addressed in this post. If, however, you were looking for a solution to a different problem, then visit our troubleshooting page for the Note 5. It’s there that you can find hundreds of issues we already addressed in the past. Find issues related to yours and try the existing solutions. If they don’t work, then feel free to contact us.

Note 5 taking so long to snap pictures

Problem: Trying to take a picture and it wants to wait and circle and by the time it take the picture it over and people or things have moved. Very frustrating. Just want to click and get picture.

Troubleshooting: If this problem existed since day 1, then I suggest as early as now that you get it replaced or talk with your service provider to come up with a remedy as it is a hardware issue.

However, if the problem started out of the blue without apparent reason, then try to isolate the problem by booting the phone in safe mode. Please note that booting in safe mode doesn’t solve anything but gives us an insight as to what causes the problem:

  1. Turn off the phone completely.
  2. Press and hold the Power key.
  3. Once ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  4. The phone will restart but keep the Vol Down button pressed.
  5. Once the phone has finished restarting, ‘Safe mode’ will be display in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  6. You may now release the Volume Down button.

In safe mode, try to take pictures to see if the camera still does what you described. If so, then it’s probably a problem with the camera app itself or the firmware but we don’t know for sure. So, the next thing you need to do is clear the cache and data of the Camera app:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Find and tap Settings.
  3. Under the ‘APPLICATIONS’ section, find and touch Application manager.
  4. Swipe to the left or to the right to display the appropriate screen but to display all apps, choose the ‘ALL’ screen.
  5. Find and tap the Camera app.
  6. Touch Clear cache to delete its cached files.
  7. Touch Clear data and then OK to delete downloaded data, login information, settings, etc.

After the camera app has been reset, try again and if the problem remains, then you really don’t have much of a choice but to perform a master reset.

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 completely.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons first, and then press and hold the Power key.
  3. Keep the three buttons pressed and when ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key but continue holding the other two.
  4. Once the Android logo shows, release both the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  5. The notice ‘Installing system update’ will show on the screen for 30 to 60 seconds before the Android system recovery screen is shown with its options.
  6. Use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and press the Power key to select it.
  7. When the process is complete, use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key to restart the phone.
  8. The reboot may take a little longer to complete but don’t worry and wait for the device to become active.

On the other hand, if the problem was solved in safe mode, it means one or some of the third-party apps is getting in the way, in this case, you need to find the app and uninstall it. You may start with apps that is somehow connected with the camera app and if you have a lot of pictures saved in your phone already, the problem might have something to do with the Gallery app. Try to move some of your pictures to a computer or any backup device you have.

Also, if the Camera app was set to save pictures to the microSD card, try changing it back to the internal storage and if the issue was fixed that way, then it’s the microSD card that has issues. The key to the resolution of this problem is keen observation.

Note 5 Camera settings are gone

Problem: I have lost almost all of my settings on my camera. in mode I have only auto and panorama and there are no setting at the top of the screen?? all that’s at the top are two icons the flash and HDE on of. Not sure if there just hiding or if there gone altogether. I’ve only had the phone for a few weeks and everything was there last week now almost all settings are gone and I cant find any where to get in.

Troubleshooting: Has there been any sort of firmware update recently? If yes, then it’s probably a firmware issue and we can never be sure if it’s a bug in the firmware or caused by corrupt data and caches. Try to reset the phone to give it a fresh start and if the problem exists after doing that, then report it to your service provider or Samsung so their technicians will do something for it. More often, re-flashing the firmware will fix it.

On the other hand, if the problem started without apparent reason and if there was no update, then clearing the cache and data of the camera app often takes care of this kind of problem.

Does the Note 5 camera have an option for facetags?

Question: Does the camera have an option for facetags? I can’t seem to find it in either the camera or in the gallery.

Answer: No, there’s no option for facetags in the camera setting; Samsung removed and for what reason, well, we honestly don’t know.

Note 5 Camera starts to become blurry

Problem: My rear camera now starts up blurry and I have to lightly tap the top corner to initiate focus.  The issue also happens in Safe Mode and after wiping cache/data and resetting the phone.  I suspect this is a hardware issue but I notice a lot of people have reported this with past Samsung devices so I’m not sure what to do next, any help would be great, thanks!

Troubleshooting: One way to rule out the possibility that it’s a firmware issue for good is to perform a master reset. After that, don’t install any app just yet but try the camera out to see if the problem remained and if so, then it’s probably a hardware issue. The camera or may be just the lens or the sensor may need to be repaired or replaced. Call Samsung about it to get instructions how to get it fixed.

“Warning Camera Failed” error

Problem: When I click the camera icon I get a warning camera failure message and have to reboot my phone for my camera to work.

Troubleshooting: If the problem gets temporarily fixed by a simple reboot, then there’s a chance it’s just a firmware problem. A master reset may be necessary to fix it permanently, or at least, it will rule out that possibility. If the issue continues after that, then you need a technician to take a look at it.

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