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Galaxy Note 4 can’t use LTE in Sprint network, other issues

Two years after it was first released, the #GalaxyNote4 remains one of the popular phones in the wild. With millions of fans still actively using this once top-of-the-art device, we can’t the end yet to begin slowing down our support for this phone. That said, here are another list of Note 4 issues submitted to

Lag When Using the Camera App and Opening Pictures in Galaxy S4

Some users are experiencing lags in their Samsung Galaxy S4 when opening a stored picture or when using the camera app of the device. There are various causes of this problem like having too many apps running, too much data stored in the phone, outdated software or a problem with a recent upgrade. However, many

Photosynth Camera App Comes With The Windows Phone 8

Smartphone users who are fond of taking pictures using their mobile devices have more reasons to love the latest Microsoft Windows Phone 8. It comes with the addition of a camera app that will enable them to take pictures with better quality using their cell phone. Microsoft recently announced the addition of the Photosynth 1.5

Nokia Camera Extras for Windows Phone 7 now available

Nokia Lumia’s default camera app is pretty basic and low on features. If you are unsatisfied with the default camera app, fear not because Nokia has started rolling out Nokia Camera Extras on a global scale. The app basically adds various features to the camera found on Windows Phone models. Once Nokia Camera Extras is