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In-Flight Calling Now Allowed In Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines becomes the first airline company to allow its passengers call on their mobile phones using the state-of-the-art OnAir’s technology.

Known as a tech-savvy airline company, Emirates Airlines is now giving its A380 aircraft passengers access to chat using their mobile phones while on board.

According to, the Dubai-based airline made a first call last week with the use of Wi-Fi service called OnAir.

Emirates Airlines has initially allowed its passengers to use e-mail and text messaging service but the unavailability of a satellite system makes hard for the airline company to provide on board call services to its passengers.

However, with the use of OnAir technology system, the airline company is now allowing its passengers to make calls although not within 250 miles of US due to the country’s mandate of not using cellular phones while on flight.

“Beginning in 1993 with first passenger satellite phone service to last year with our A380 Wi-Fi system, Emirates has always taken the approach that providing the latest in in-flight service and connectivity is a key part of our passengers’ journey,” Emirates vice president Patrick Brannelly said in a statement, according to All Things D (

“Emirates continues to invest in the most innovative technology possible and promises to keep pushing the boundaries of the in-flight innovation for the benefit of our passengers,” added Brannelly.

Quantas of Australia also allowed in-flight texting and e-mailing but never provided calling access on their mobile phones.

The makers of Boeing 747-8 are expected to introduce the Dreamliner – an aircraft for cellphone use – in the early part of 2013. However, the plan is still subject to FAA rules.

Though yakking during flight has been barred, FAA rules has slowly become more of a pro-consumer with regards to the use of communication devices.

“With so many different types of devices available, we recognize that this is an issue of consumer interest,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.