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Verizon Update Caused LTE Problems and Other Issues with Samsung Galaxy S3

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Recently, Verizon rolled out a couple of updates for its customers with the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to an article of the Droid Life website, the major features of the update include multi-screen, multi-window multitasking, Best Shot camera mode, new ways of tagging photos, S Beam Auto Share Shot, new image gallery, a couple of bug fixes and more.

Looking at the major Galaxy S3 update by Verizon, it may seem like a good news to customers. However, when the comments of users who got the update poured in, it was a different story.

The LTE Problem

After updating, some users noticed a problem with their 4G LTE. Based on the report, a number of customers who availed the updates found out that their connectivity to the 4G network became unstable. Some experienced losing a signal or getting automatically switched back to the 3G network.

The report said that few users found a solution to this predicament by rebooting their devices. Some found a way to go over it by toggling the Airplane mode of their smartphones on and off. Then, another solution involved changing the network settings to LTE/CDMA instead of Global (Settings>More settings>Mobile networks>Network mode). But the last solution mentioned only helped bring the 3G connection back and it wasn’t any help in stabilizing the 4G LTE.

It should be noted that resetting the phone to factory settings did not seem to solve the problem, added the source.

Other Issues

The other issues stated in the report include getting very low data speeds, poor battery life and getting a bloatware app. One commenter even said that he owns two Galaxy S3 units, one got the update and the other did not. He commented that the one with the update was definitely experiencing the mentioned problems here while the other that didn’t get it was running normally.

On the other hand, the bloatware was in the form of an app called Caller Name ID. It initially comes for free, but it charges its users $2.99 per month after the duration of the trial. The source claimed that two users said that the update automatically subscribed them to the new app.

The article said that there is actually a way to remove the app. All you have to do is access your Verizon Wireless online account, then go over the “Change Features” portion where you will find the “Caller Name ID for Mobile Device” subscription status at the bottom part. If you see it appearing, just hit the “Remove” button to unsubscribe to it.

Source: DroidLife