Galaxy S7 losing network and LTE connectivity, other issues

For those looking for solutions to their #GalaxyS7 issues, this post might help. Don’t forget to also visit other troubleshooting guides for the S7 and S7 Edge. Galaxy S7 losing network and LTE connectivity SMS on Galaxy S7 is converted to MMS Galaxy S7 not syncing stock Calendar and Microsoft Exchange accounts properly Google apps

How to fix a water-damaged or wet Galaxy S7, other issues

Smartphone owners usually wonders what’s the best way of fixing a water-damaged or wet device, particularly the #GalaxyS7, so we think publishing a brief guide about it is necessary. This issue and four others will be discussed below. We hope you’ll find this material useful in your own search for answers. Galaxy S7 no sound

Galaxy S6 can’t receive longer SMS, other issues

We continue to receive large numbers of requests for assistance from #GalaxyS6 series users everyday so see the need to publish posts similar to this one several times a week. If you don’t see your own case published here yet, please continue to watch out for upcoming posts in the near future.   These are the

Galaxy S6 email app not showing all messages, plus other problems

More and more “leaks” are coming out for the awaited #Samsung #GalaxyS7  although there has never been an official word from the South Korean giant on the probable date of the product’s release. In the meantime, let’s continue to tackle some of the common problems on the #GalaxyS6 series. Below are some of the issues

Google Calendar

Google Calendar can now display all your reminders on Android

The #Google Calendar application on Android has just been updated with an important new feature, aimed to make the lives of the customers a whole lot easier. Previously, the Reminders were only accessible from the Google Now reminders page or Google Keep (if you set it there). Google Calendar will now show these reminders on its own,

Google Calendar Updated For Android 4.0 Or Above

Owners of an Android smartphone running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher will be able to take advantage of a new update available for the Google Calendar app. It’s quite a useful update as well. Users of the app are able to make a phone call, or look up a location to a event