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YouTube launches paid subscription channels



Paid YouTube channels have been rumoured for a while and we have finally got something solid, with the launch of the first few paid channels. Channels come as low as $0.99 a month, however this isn’t a paid system for all content, but payment per channel.

For users who enjoy lots of different content, this new YouTube channel subscription method could become volatile and costly, especially since some channels are priced around $5.99 a month.

Each channel has a free 14 day trial, for users to get a taste of the content offered. The choice on YouTube right now is pretty poor, however they do have plans to reel in more content providers.

We may soon see cable TV content appear on YouTube, but instead of having a full selection, you will get HBO (an example) for $2.99 and get all of HBO’s selection of programs.

Essentially YouTube wants to go up against classic cable TV but also new streaming models like Netflix – this paid subscription channel model will work to the company’s advantage.

YouTube is offering freedom on the channel without any advertisements, if users buy into the subscription per month. For some, this may seem like  great deal, for others who are not worried about advertisements, it may look a little grim.

YouTube is also looking to channels already embedded in the community as possible subscription channels, we expect some news channels on YouTube may step up to this paid channel model, instead of relying in revenue shared from ads.

The Internet has been mixed when it comes to YouTube content costing money, some believe it is wrong, considering most of YouTube’s content is not made by professionals, but others can see why some channels should have paid revenue models.

YouTube has plans to bring some pretty good content to the subscription channels in the coming months, we expect to see some well known Internet faces hop on this bandwagon as well.

Source: YouTube