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Second In Car Android Device Surfaces By Innotrends

Our good friend Chris Chavez at Phandroid found this scoop over at Extremetech.  A company called Innotrends is bringing a true in-dash Android powered head unit to market called Ca-Fi.  The unit is about the size of a car battery and has some amazing specs.

Ca-Fi runs on a 1.2ghz processor with a 6.2 inch 800×480 touchscreen display. It also has a dvd/cd player, BlueTooth, USB slot, 2 microSD slots and integrated 3G radios. You can listen to your tunes from a variety of sources including the CD/DVD player, your ipod or other mp3 player via USB, or directly off the internet.  You can also use Google Navigation’s turn by turn directions.

The downside is that Phandroid is reporting the unit uses an outdated double-DIN slot that’s hard to find on US automobiles made after 1990, but heck if you’re pimpin your parents 1986 caravan you may be in luck. The din slot was apparently popular from the 1960’s to the 1990’s.

Ca-Fi will be available in the UK later this year but will have a price tag of roughly $1000

Source: ExtremeTech via the Mighty Chris Chavez at Phandroid