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HTC Butterfly now receiving Android 4.2 and Sense 5 update



The HTC Butterfly smartphone has finally started receiving the much anticipated Android 4.2 update bundled with Sense 5 user interface, which brings it on par with the HTC One. The update is currently hitting Taiwan, with more regions to follow subsequently. The update brings forth some noticeable changes similar to what was mentioned in the HTC One Android 4.2.2 changelog.

This comes a day after HTC announced the Butterfly S in the U.S and Taiwan. As most of you are aware, the Butterfly is the global variant of the Droid DNA in the U.S and the J Butterfly in Japan.

It seems like HTC is rolling out updates for both the HTC One and the Butterfly at around the same time so that the users don’t have to wait. However, other smartphones like the One S from last year have turned out to be rather unlucky.

Engadget claims that the update will be two part, with one being a minor preparatory update followed by the larger OTA update. So if you own a Butterfly anywhere in Asia or Europe, make sure you keep checking for an update notification to pop up.

Source: Engadget

Via: Android Central

HTC Butterfly Pre-Order Now Available via Expansys



It wasn’t that long ago that the Butterfly had surfaced on HTC’s global website, many thought that this device would have been the global variant of the recently released DROID DNA here in the states or event he J Butterfly. It wasn’t long after the Butterfly had surfaced on HTC’s global website that HTC announced that the handset would be headed to China, and the devices availability would be extremely limited (meaning only a few markets will be getting it).

All of that said, Expansys actually has the Butterfly up for pre-order availability. If you access the page through just about any regional website (excluding America) you will be able to find HTC’s newest device (the HTC Butterfly) available for the public to pre-order. Sadly, that’s just about all of the information we have right now. No pricing has been given, nor was a availability date mentioned. The other thing we really don’t know is if the European model of the Butterfly is going to be an import from a market or region that the device is available or if it will actually be sold in European markets. It shouldn’t be too long before we find out additional information though, after all HTC is trying to better their financial state.

In other news, PocketNow reports that the hardware actually seems to match up with what has been published on HTC’s website. Yes, that includes the radio frequency bands and support for a microSD card. As you know, devices without microSD cards tend to get a lot of flak, so good on HTC for providing this!

via: Pocket Now