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5 Best Business Card Scanner App For Android

Business cards are the mainstay of everyday life. These handy cards can contain all the information including phone numbers, email addresses etc, along with the name, of course. But with media now increasingly going digital, it can be quite difficult to save each number and email that you see on your card. Gone are the days of entering details manually on your phone thanks to business card scanning apps that are available in abundance out there. These apps scan all the details using your phone camera and automatically recognize the characters and numbers mentioned there.

These apps make use of OCR technology, otherwise known as Optical Character Recognition making it easy to scan documents as well as business cards for numbers and other pertinent details. There are a ton of apps available out there and we’re going to talk about a few of them in our article today. So let’s have a look.

5 Best Business Card Scanner App For Android


This app comes with an extensive feature set making it one of the favorite business card scanning apps out there. It has a user friendly interface, allowing you to navigate to all the features conveniently. Its primary job is to scan business cards and automatically enter those details on your phonebook, and CamCard does that job excellently. It also comes with bulk scanning features if you want to save multiple contacts at once. Thanks to cloud syncing, the user of the app can find all the details across devices without having to manually sync the information.

There’s a Secretary Scan mode built into the app, letting you authorize your secretary to save all contacts from business cards. If a contact on a business card you scanned stops working in the company mentioned on the card and in a newer business, the app will automatically keep track of that too. As far as features and convenience are concerned, CamCard is one of the best apps out there. A good app doesn’t come for free, however. It is currently priced at $0.99 on the Google Play Store. There are no ads on this app but there are in-app purchases for additional features.

ScanBizCards Lite

This is an app that can sync directly with Customer Relationship Management or CRM systems, allowing companies to store details of their customers for after sales support. It comes with support for CRM systems like SalesForce and SugarCRM, which are some of the popular names going around in the industry. It primarily targets enterprise customers although the app can work just fine for individual users as well. The app offers unlimited scanning of business cards, making it a handy tool for big companies.

While automatic recognition is key here, users can also send files for manual transcription. Two manual transcriptions are provided with the premium version and users can purchase more with an in-app purchase. The app also features support for double sided business cards. Once a business card has been scanned, it can be saved as a new contact or added to an existing contact on your phone or tablet. Data is synced between devices, so that’s not a massive concern for individual users. This is the Lite version of the app, which is free to download but comes with in-app purchases. There are no ads, however.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft is no stranger to productivity based apps. The company’s Office Lens application makes saving business cards a breeze. It comes with a handful of features in addition to just scanning, making this a more than capable enterprise solution for all. Since scanning isn’t particularly limited to business cards, Office Lens can scan pretty much anything, including documents and other papers.

However, it lacks some of the other features that rival offerings provide. Features like manual transcription are missing here, although automatic recognition works pretty smoothly on the app. Office Lens has a dedicated Business Card mode if that’s all you’re looking for. You can have the details saved on your system or have it on the cloud using Microsoft OneNote. Best of all, the app is completely free to download and has no ads or in-app purchases.

Business Card Reader by ABBYY

Although there are multiple contenders to the top crown, Business Card Reader by ABBYY is highly rated by experts as the best app out there. It can scan and store business card information on your devices in up to 25 languages, making it an extremely functional offering. Further, its award winning OCR technology allows for precise accuracy when recognizing little details of a business card. It can also cleverly detect the the edges of a business card and remove it accordingly, thus helping you maintain a professional looking business card.

Data here is backed up over your smartphone, tablet, as well as PC, so you have myriads of options to sync your data. Contacts once scanned can be shared across platforms including via email in JPEG or as a standard VCard file. The app comes free but with ads and in-app purchases. We highly recommend getting the paid license for the kind of features it offers. The app works with devices running Android 4.0.3 and higher.


We’re saving the best one for the last here, as CardHQ is one offering that comes with a ton of features but doesn’t ask for a single dime from the customers. Business cards are scanned in as quickly as 3 seconds, making this a handy tool for businesses and individuals alike. Users can scan unlimited number of business cards with this app, which is another major bonus. Once you have a contact scanned on your device, you can easily share it via social media platforms including WhatsApp, Twitter, Email etc.

It comes with support for multiple languages, with the ability to scan multiple business cards at once. Automatic recognition works pretty smoothly, and users should encounter no issues with regards to performance. You will require a smartphone or tablet running Android 4.1 or above to use this app.