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Almost 900 million Android devices supposedly affected by ‘QuadRooter’ bug

Android Malware

According to a new revelation, nearly 900 million Android devices are affected by a newly found bug called “QuadRooter“. This major malware was uncovered by security firm Check Point. These folks have also released an app to detect whether your smartphone/tablet is vulnerable to the bug. If your device uses a Snapdragon made chipset, the chances are that it is indeed impacted by this new bug.

The bug manages to creep inside the device in the form of an app (downloaded from outside the Play Store) which requires no permissions on the device, allowing it to freely conduct its business and potentially sell your device data to third parties. Although Qualcomm already knows about this particular bug, the onus is now on the manufacturers to send out patches containing the fix as Qualcomm has seemingly patched the bug on its end.

The name QuadRooter emerges from the fact that it’s a set of four vulnerabilities. While Qualcomm and manufacturers have fixed three of the vulnerabilities with the July security update, the last vulnerability will supposedly be fixed with September’s Android security update.

Make sure you download the QuadRooter Scanner app to check if your Android device is vulnerable to this particular bug.

Source: Check Point, Play Store

Via: GSM Arena

Moto G reportedly suffering from connection loss bug after the Android 4.4.2 update

Moto G

According to a few user reports, the Moto G is facing some issues with the network connection after it received the Android 4.4.2 update. It is claimed that the smartphone sometimes turns on Airplane Mode on its own whenever a user tries to make a call. Other problems include intermittent loss of network and connectivity. This issue was faced on a few Nexus 4 devices as well, so it’s probably something to do with the particular version of Android. Users claim that this issue can be fixed with a reboot of the device, but that appears to be a temporary solution.

Luckily, Motorola has acknowledged this issue and promised to fix it soon with an update. It is said that this little glitch made its way with the version 174.44.1 update recently. Some users are also claiming that an update from last week has already fixed this bug, but it seems like that fix hasn’t made its way to all devices yet.

Have you faced this problem on your Moto X? If yes, make sure you let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Motorola Forums

Via: Android Police

Samsung Galaxy S3 Wallpaper Automatically Changes Itself

galaxy s3 wallpaper problem

galaxy s3 wallpaper problem

Here is one Samsung Galaxy S3 problem sent to us through The Droid Guy Mailbag.

Hello, can u help me? My Samsung Galaxy S3 is reacting weird, the wallpaper is always changing. If I choose a picture in the album, all the pictures in there will change into my wallpaper. In other words, it’s like a slideshow. Please help me.

The Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 Wallpaper Bug

This is indeed a weird case since the Samsung Galaxy S3 has no such feature that enables it to automatically change its wallpaper. It can only be achieved through an app like the ever-popular Wallpaper Changer and other similar tools from the Google Play Store. So, the problem may either be a result of a rouge app that hogs your memory or a glitch in the system.

How to Fix the Galaxy S3 Wallpaper Bug

These solutions are general in nature and these can be applied whether you are facing rouge apps of system glitches:

1. First of all, try to perform the quick fixes which include restarting your phone, clearing up your cache data and clearing up your app preferences.

2. Determine if there are apps hogging your RAM by entering Safe Mode. Stay in that mode for about an hour or longer and observe whether the problem still occurs there. If the issue does not appear under Safe Mode, then there is definitely an app or set of apps triggering the error. Try to disable or uninstall third party apps that are suspicious in nature or the ones that you have installed prior to the occurrence of the problem. It should be noted that there are many games that are known to cause various errors that include this one.

3. It is worth a try to use the images stored in your phone memory only as wallpaper instead of the ones found on your SD card. You can also do this the other way around to test whether your internal storage or SD card is faulty.

4. Upon exhausting all the possible fixes and yet the problem is still there, backup all your data and do a Factory Reset.

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We hope that the solutions worked for you if you happened to be experiencing the same problem. For more questions or additional input on this subject, feel free to email us at [email protected] or hit the comment box below.

iOS 7 Beta Bug in the Lockscreen Confirmed by Forbes Video Producer



The iOS 7 Beta was only revealed a couple of days ago. But one user already found a major vulnerability on Apple’s new mobile operating system. The bug was also confirmed by Forbes after imitating the procedures done by the discoverer.

The Discovery of the iOS 7 Beta Bug

According to Forbes, less than 48 hours after the launching of the Beta version of the iOS 7, a 36-year old iPhone user named Jose Rodriguez who lives in Tenerife made the discovery of the new operating system’s major flaw. In the video he sent to Forbes, he demonstrated how to bypass the lockscreen of the iOS 7 Beta in just seconds.

The Bypass Procedure

The bypass procedure involves opening the iOS Control Room first. This is followed by accessing the calculator app. Then, the camera can be opened to view, delete, email, upload or tweet the photos found in the device without the need of a passcode.

Confirmation by Forbes

The report said that Jonathan Hall, the video producer of Forbes, attempted to copy the trick using a locked phone to confirm if the same result can be achieved. With the same process, he was able to bypass the security of the device.

The Video

In the note of Rodriguez to Forbes, reading about how the bypass procedure is done may somewhat appear difficult. However, doing it is very easy, he added.

So, he sent this video to the news provider to demonstrate how easy it is to get over the lockscreen of the iOS 7 without the need of a passcode:

Majorly Buggy

The iOS 7 Beta can only be acquired by people with Apple developer accounts. So far, those who have used it described it as majorly buggy. Thus, the report said that Apple will likely patch the bugs before the official roll out of the iOS 7.

Source: Forbes

Apple released a fix for iDevices


Apple has released a new fix to counter the bug that sneaked into its iOS whereby a user could get through the security code to check on someone’s messages, mail, call logs and other private information through a series of small steps like making emergency calls. Dubbed iOS 6.1.3 beta 2, the update fixes any unauthorized access to the phone. The bug was a major privacy concern for users whose personal information like private photos could be exposed in the event of theft or loss of the phone, also when the phone was left unattended. Apple has accepted the bug and has delivered a fix to tighten security and fix this bug. The new beta iOS 6.1.3 has been released to fix the major security issue and minor locale and map issues.


Apple has had some problems with its new iOS 6.0, requiring a number of fixes and releases to patch up the OS. As recently as last week, Apple released its iOS 6.1.1 fix, aimed at the iPhone 4S to optimize phone performance. A few days later, Apple released its next fix, the 6.1.2 to that was aimed again at improving performance but this time it was the battery performance that required the patch up. A bug in calendar exchange caused the battery to drain, leaving users rushing to the nearest plug point. The fix also offers some updates to the Japanese map apps.


iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 fix released recently is available for download from Apple’s stores and can be downloaded onto Apple’s phones right away – the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.