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New Budget iPhone Could Look Hideous in Yellow, Red and Green, Leaked Images Reveal

Earlier today, images of Apple’s much talked about budget iPhone surfaced somewhere in China and published in a French blog  The pictures of the rear shells of the cheaper iPhone, if genuine, reveal a hideous device with an unconventional Apple design.  The funny thing is that these images match images that leaked about a month ago in China as we reported here and this may show that an earlier confirmation on the existence of the budget iPhone was indeed have true.

Budget iPhone images

Earlier images showed the casings made of cheap plastic in Green.  Yes, the color is scary and amazingly horrible.  Today’s images reveal three casings in Red, Yellow and Green.  You must admit that these colors are Apple’s deliberate move to make their budget phones unattractive – maybe even repulsive, but who are we to judge?

Does the budget iPhone need to look so hideous?

Other than the new color schemes which are clearly a deviation from Apple’s tradition of white and black iPhones, the budget iPhones are to have rounded corners and are barely flat.  It needs to be hideous, according to Tero Kuittenen who wrote an extensive piece on the design and colors of the new iPhone on  He reckons this is Apple’s deliberate move to make sure that that the iPhone device base does not fragment and that users do not trade-in their very expensive iPhones for something cheaper.

Price and availability

Earlier reports indicated that Apple would launch the cheaper iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S and a smaller version of iPhone 5 dubbed iPhone 5 mini or iPhone mini.  the budget iPhone will have a body made out of plastic and is developed specially for the emerging markets, which, even Apple realizes, can be a lucrative market based on the size of the market.  According to a popular Apple ‘leaker’ on twitter Sonny Dickson, Apple will make the budget iPhone available for $349 for the 16 GB versions, $449 for the 32 GB versions and $549 for the 64 GB versions.  As you can see, the ‘low-cost’ or ‘budget’ iPhones aren’t that cheap after all!

At the moment, Apple sells the cheapest unlocked iPhone online on Apple Store for $450 for an 8 GB version.  The new budget smartphones will cost at most $100 cheaper than the current cheapest iPhone – but with twice the memory – but I am certain the materials used to make it are way cheaper, if the leaked images are anything to go by.  What remains to be seen are the other specs of the budget iPhone – specifically the processor, RAM, display and other hardware features.

There is no specific date as to when Apple will launch the Budget iPhone, but all indications point at a date sometime in September, just before the holiday season.  Rumor has it that a mass production of the new cheaper iPhone started about a month ago according to a Chinese website

What do you think about the budget iPhone?

Sources: and via BGR

Alleged rear plate of cheaper iPhone gets photographed

A couple of photos of what is believed to be the rear part of a plastic shell for the rumored low-cost Apple iPhone was published on the China-based WeiPhone forums. The source supposedly knows some Chinese factory workers who allowed him to take photos of the iPhone shell.


The shell is colored green, which is consistent with rumors that the more affordable Apple handsets would come in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, white, and yellow. It appears to be made of plastic, which would keep the cost down. This is contrary to earlier speculation that the Cupertino company is using a polycarbonate case for the handset.

The photographed case also sports a place for a camera flash, a camera lens, and a microphone. The Apple logo and the word “iPhone” likewise appear on the case.

This is not the first time a leak of the rumored smartphone’s rear plate surfaced. A white plastic shell which has a design similar to the iPhone 3GS has also been photographed earlier.

Rumors suggest that the upcoming handset will come with more basic specifications because of its lower price. It may come with 8GB of storage, 3G connectivity support, an A5 processor, and a 5 MP rear-facing camera. Speculations also point to a 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels which means that images will not be as sharp and clear on this screen as they are on the Retina display. In terms of design, the device is said to be a combination of various Apple devices, such as the original iPod, the more recent iPod, and the current iPhone.

The budget Apple handset will supposedly be aimed at emerging markets, and will be a limited release. Tactus, a case manufacturer, claims that the cheaper handset could hit the market in October. Its price, meanwhile, may be somewhere around $329 without a contract.

via gsmarena, techradar

Further Proof iPhone May be Working on a Budget iPhone: A Picture of a Plastic iPhone Back Cover

A couple of days ago, I came across very interesting pieces of news about Apple and how they may be in the process of making a cheaper iPhone targeting low-budget and mid-range smartphone users (read it here).  Earlier today, I came across an interesting post on Ubergizmo about a leaked photo of the back cover of an Apple iPhone which is definitely not that of iPhone 5 and is not that of an iPhone with a screen larger than 4 inches.  Apple has never been a company that comes up with products that target low spenders, but if this low cost smartphone is real, then it only means that the competition for the entry level users in the smartphone market currently dominated by Samsung with their wide range of Galaxy smartphones has just switch to a new gear.

Budget iPhone plastic casing

The rumor of Apple’s ambition to build a low cost iPhone surfaced a couple of months ago in various discussion boards but this is the first time that anything that resembles proof actually surfaces.  As a matter of fact, the rumors actually pointed at July as the date that Apple would launch the low-cost iPhone alongside the much touted iPhone 5 smartphone which is expected to be a major improvement from the current flagship smartphone iPhone 5.  The leaked photo flaunts a white rear plastic cover of an iPhone with iPhone logo and several slots on the sides, definitely for side buttons.

Numerous rumors have in the past claimed that the rear covers of the cheaper smartphone may be made from plastic but will be a hybrid of several Apple products in build including an iPhone 5’s front, the overall form of an iPod classic and the bottom of iPod touch 5th Generation.  The rumors went ahead to pinpoint an A5 chip as the processor to come with the iPhone along with a 5 megapixels rear camera and a choice of 5 colors including Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and White.

If this is a genuine image, then many Apple fans who couldn’t afford the iPhone 5 may be relieved they can now get one for less than $300 off-the-shelf, unlocked and contract free.  For now though, the legitimacy of the image cannot be verified and you have to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

If the cheaper iPhone really exists and will be coming to the market soon, would you buy it?  What are the minimal features that the low-end phone must have to make you get it?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


Via: Ubergizmo

Qualcomm Could Produce Chips for Low Cost iPhone


Apple is the one company which is always in the news, especially since the past few years. Be it for the launch of the new iPhone or the leak of the same, there’s something or the other happening in the tech world which is somehow related to Apple. And when Apple isn’t in news, we see some of its alleged devices making the rounds in the rumor mill. One such device is the low cost iPhone which is rumored for a mid 2013 release, apparently. And now the smartphone is in rumors again, this time providing some insight on what could be running inside the device. It is believed that the budget iPhone could feature a Qualcomm made SoC inside, instead of the standard A-series chip, for obvious cost cutting reasons we presume. The budget iPhone, if real at all, will certainly not feature all the premium aluminum materials and all the goodies you would find with the current iPhones.

There has been talk in the blogosphere that Apple could be looking to implement an all plastic body, which is how the iPhone 3G and the 3GS were built. So it won’t be anything new for Apple. However, Apple could also look to cut costs in several other departments. There’s still not a lot being said about when the device will break cover and what exactly the new budget iPhone will feature, since what we hear now is mostly hear say. Apple is all about saving money and making enormous profits out of its products, and this could be one way to do it.

We would like to hear a word or two about this from Qualcomm though, as it would shed more light on the matter. As it stands now, we would like you to take this info with a grain of salt. Perhaps Apple can alternatively design a separate low cost chip for this iPhone, which would also be a great way to go ahead. The possibilities are basically endless and Apple will certainly be mindful of that. This alleged new budget iPhone is believed to break cover along with what’s known as the iPhone Math. The information is pretty scarce obviously, as with any rumor so we can’t vouch for the existence of this device either. If at all Apple decides to go with Qualcomm made chips, we should see low end or old gen chips being used in order to save money in the long run. Let’s hope we learn more in the coming days. But as of now, it’s just a rumor.

This info would sound ridiculously insane for an Apple fan, which is never known to be the one to worry about the low end or mid ranged segment. But in the current market condition, Apple has been forced into making some tough changes in its operations to stand up against its competition.

Source: Forbes
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