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Buddyman: Kick

5 Best Free Android Action Games Available on Amazon App Store

Admit it, there are times when you fantasize about how cool it would be to be the hero who saves the day and defeats the enemy, don’t you? The truth is, we all do. That’s why Android action games are so popular and why there’s so many of them. From robots to zombies and anything in between, Android has it all. So, sharpen your sword, load your magazine, set your plasma rifle to overdrive, and get ready for some good action with our top 5 best free Android action games available on Amazon App Store, which is a great Google Play alternative app store.

Best Free Android Action Games LinkPrice on
Ninja KiwiSAS: Zombie Assault 4Free
Ember EntertainmentBattle BeachFree
Crazylion StudiosBuddyman: KickFree
Glu Mobile Inc.Blood & GloryFree

Call of Duty: Heroes

The notorious FPS franchise, Call of Duty, has been with us since 2003, when Activision published its first installment, set during World War II. The game was an instant hit and marked a beginning of an era during which the Second World War was the go-to game setting for most developers.

Call of Duty: Heroes is a love-letter to the franchise. It takes you from behind the iron sights of your trusted rifle and, instead, gives you a strategic overview as you take command of a small outpost and gradually turn it into a powerful base. In doing so, you will rely on familiar units from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and other games in the series.

Your objectives consist of defending your base against attackers, unleashing devastating attacks on your enemies, training specialized units to complete a variety of side-missions, and more. You can even team up with friends to form mighty alliances. The game runs great even on slower smartphones and tablets, and requires only Android 2.3.3 and up.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4

Zombies? Checked. 4-player cooperative mode? Checked. Over 90 upgradable weapons? Checked. Addicting gameplay from the makers of Bloons TD 5? Checked. SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is like Killing Floor or Call of Duty: Zombies—only on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

A deadly virus is threatening to destroy the humanity, and the only people who can stop it are highly weaponized special forces of the SAS. In other words, you. At the start of each game, you get to choose from 3 unique characters, each with a customizable skill tree and countless weapons and armor upgrades.

At its core, the game is all about cooperation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing with a team of strangers or trusted friends, each person on the team must learn what his or her responsibilities are and play the role as if lives of others depended on it—because they do.

Battle Beach

If we’ve learned anything at all from the latest Star Wars, it’s that beaches are a fantastic location for epic battles. Apparently, the developers of Battle Beach feel the same. In their city building slash tower defense slash real-time action game, you create powerful armies and fight to bring back humanity from the brink of extinction.

Your goal is to turn a humble base into a shining city upon a hill that serves as a beacon of hope for other survivors. But make no mistake—diplomacy and altruism won’t be your tools of choice. Instead, you will rely on an entire army of snipers, tanks, and mighty Exo-Suits as you fight against the enemy leader in an epic single-player campaign.

Unless you want to, you won’t fight alone. You can form alliances with other real players all over the world and earn rewards as you rise up the global ranks. Needless to say, the game requires a network connection to play.

Buddyman: Kick

We’ve heard that Buddyman: Kick is being used by psychologists to evaluate the mental health of their patients. They give them a tablet running Buddyman: Kick, leave the room, and observe behind a one-way mirror how the patient behaves. Some go straight for the flamethrower are set the adorable, innocent fellow ablaze, others are more deliberate and take their time, slowly and methodically inventing diabolical ways how to vent their frustration.

Well, not everything we’ve just said might be true, but the game is still a fantastic way how to unwind after (or even during) a long day at work or school. Buddyman: Kick is being constantly updated, and a week seldom goes by without developers adding new missions, weapons, achievements, or improving the game’s graphics.


Blood & Glory isn’t for the faint-hearted. Standing face-to-face against a brutish enemy with a sharp sword in his hand takes guts. Those who don’t have them can be sure that no glory awaits them—only blood. The game’s combination of impressive high-definition visuals with addicting gameplay has earned it more than 500,000 five-star ratings and between 10,000,000 and 50,000,000 installs from Google’s app store alone.

You as a player can select from a variety of weapons and armors, creating a unique playstyle using which you can surprise your opponents and crush them into pieces. It pays off to have a higher-end device, but the graphics can automatically scale down to work even on older smartphones and tablets.