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HTC Opens Up New Developer Portal

HTC has been on fire on the consumer side, hardware side and operating system side. Now they want developers to share in their success.  HTC has opened up the HTC Developer portal at

The new developer portal has three main focuses; the Open Sense SDK, web based boot unlocker, and kernel source codes for their new devices.  Put all three together and you can develop some bad azz apps, themes and widgets for HTC devices.

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Digital Chocolate Another Win For Getjar

First off lets say this is strange not reporting this news via Bruce Jones….

Digital Chocolate, one of the fastest growing virtual goods companies on Facebook, and makers of the hit games Millionaire City and MMA Pro Fighter has joined the ranks of Zynga and others, to exclusively launch their games via Getjar.

Just two short months ago Getjar released the news that they have had 100 million cross platform downloads, and they are quickly becoming the venue of choice for some of the biggest names in the gaming business.  Zynga, Rovio and even the Salvation Army have turned to Getjars distribution model to get their games and apps out to the public.

Getjar’s Patrick Mork said “As Android booms and the market for apps becomes increasingly difficult for consumers to navigate, we recognize that marketing apps has never been more challenging. GetJar’s focus and expertise in marketing apps using PR, our 60+ partner channels and other above the line marketing campaigns ensures that the few publishers we partner with really get massive exposure for their content,”

Getjar has seen 500% growth in Android since April of 2010

Go ahead get Millionaire City Here
and MMA Pro Fighter Here

Slice It Coming To Android Via Getjar

The award winning and amazingly popular iPhone game Slice It, has announced it’s coming to Android via the world famous Getjar app market.  We just reported yesterday that Getjar set an app download record with 100 million downloads of the facebook app. No wonder Slice It’s developer Com2Us has chosen Getjar for their release to the Android market.

Getjar is a multi-platform alternative to traditional operating system dependent app markets.  Out of the third party app stores out there Getjar is by far the easiest to use on a computer or mobile device.  Once you type in Getjar’s url via your mobile device it immediately recognizes your phone to make sure you are getting the correct download for your device.  The Getjar store is organized a lot better than Android’s app market which has been a thorn in the Android system virtually since roll out.

In addition to Getjar’s ease of use for the end user, the team at Getjar makes themselves easily accesible to developers.  Bruce Jones, Getjars Developer Evangelist, can be spotted at 2am in tinychats with developers or giving a dev, or the press, a call back at 8pm on a Saturday night.  It’s this access and genuine interest in the community that makes it real easy to work with Getjar.  In fact their team all comes from a developer background.

It’s the success with apps like Facebook and Angry Birds which prompted Com2Us to use Getjar.  Com2Us’s General Manager Don Lim said this about their decision to bypass market for launch and go with Getjar “GetJar’s global reach as well as their unique App It! download service ensures that we reach a massive audience who loves simple and fun puzzle games. Once you slice it, you can’t stop slicing. GetJar is the perfect complement to Android Market by extending our game to millions of people in more than 200 countries all over the world.”

Getjar is also the app aggretator for Yahoo Mobile which puts them in the forefront of millions of smartphone and feature phone users.  They also recently announced a partnership with ATT wireless to handle app markets for their feature phones.

As far as Android goes, for Getjar Android has grown 500 percent since April.  Getjar’s CMO, Patrick Monk, said  “…with great games like Angry Birds or Slice It! and innovative new apps like Pulse, Tango or Kik, I think it’s fair to say that Android content has never been better.”

Checkout slice at
Source: Getjar