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10 Questions With Livio Radio’s Jake Sigal

Here at thedroidguy offices we’ve been jamming to the Livio Radio, specifically listening to Pandora, and a whole slew of internet radio stations through the Livio Radio. It’s an awesome experience and we will have a complete review this week, but lets just say not only is the Livio Radio cool and offer a ton of conent, but the audio is actually amazing! Enjoy a quick interview with Livio Radio’s CEO and Founder Jake Sigal.  And there may be 10 more because just using the Livio on a regular basis there’s more to know.
1.    Who are you and what is your position?

Jake Sigal, Founder and CEO, Livio Radio.

2.    In a nutshell what is Livio?
Livio Radio is an Internet radio company located in Ferndale, Michigan.  We design Internet Radio products to give users more music with less work. Currently we make radios featuring NPR and Pandora and an iTunes app for the car.

3. We saw in home Internet radio solutions come out a couple of years ago in the near $500 price range, has popularity caused the pricing decrease

The switch from Satellite and MP3 to Internet radio has created more demand for Internet Radio products. The market now has a range of products from free applications to systems costing thousands of dollars.

4. Do you have any data on how many people use internet radio devices for in home listening rather than computers or other devices

According to Bridge Ratings, there will be about 150,000,000 people listening to Internet radio by the end of this year.

5. In addition to the Livio unit we are testing you offer an in car solution what is it called, what does it do and where can we buy one

The Carmen by Livio is the ultimate FM transmitter for anyone who wants to bring music to the car or boat.  The Carmen is great for travelers who want music at their fingertips without monthly fees. In addition to the FM transmitter, the included software stores MP3s and records content from more than 42,000 AM/FM and Internet-only radio stations from around the world.

The Carmen can be purchased through, Electronics Expo, and

6. What is your background and how does it relate to the Internet radio phenomenon

I love music. I’ve been involved in music since childhood. From orchestra to DJ’n clubs in college music has been with me. I made a decision in college to major in engineering and to pursue work in a music related engineering field and ended up getting involved in products that converted analogue audio to digital for professional DJs which then led to working on XM satellite radio products. From there I started Livio.

7. The livio radio offers pandora and a slew of other stations, how many stations or streams and how are they selected?

Aside from allowing users unlimited access to their personal Pandora account, the radio allows access to over 20,000 Internet-only AM/FM radio stations around the world. To find a station you can start from a location or a genre of music. With Pandora you can start with an Artist and with NPR you can start with a topic. It’s very fast to find what you’re looking for

8. What does the future bring for Livio in terms of 4G wireless data connections and smart home technology?

As data becomes cheaper and faster, playing audio that is from a Internet server will become standard (compared to today’s standard of downloading music in the form of MP3 or AAC.)

9. Any juicy details of what you’ll be showing at CES

We have some new ways to listen to Internet radio in the car. Additionally we’ve been engineering some new radios for the last year which we’re pretty hyped to show.

10. (FUN QUESTION) what are your presets on your internet radio

Electro House CH from Europe, Frisky Radio, FM house mixes, Pandora’s Electro House Genre, Smooth Beats Radio, and WOUB (my college NPR station)

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Brookstone Enters The Mobile Space

Do you remember back in the day before the smart phone, before android, before a palm pilot, before The Sharper Image? Do you remember back in the day when Brookstone was the supreme leader in Guy oriented gadgeteering?

Fast Forward to 2010 in addition to the coolest back massaging power chairs, Brookstone carries some really cool travel gadgets, USB Vinyl Record Players, Power Options for on the go professionals and more. Now you can get Brookstone on your phone with their new mobile commerce site. Just point your web enabled phone to

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