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Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut

Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut Now Up on Android

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut is now available on Android after proving itself a popular app on Apple iOS. The phrase Director’s Cut means that users on Android devices will be getting the enhanced version, and not the exact same iOS version which had been released on iOS way back in 2010. In particular, enhanced means 20% added content as well as improved high-resolution visuals which would be adequate for phones as well as tablets.

A special treat on this game is a glimpse into the collector’s comic by Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame. This comic has been made into a digital version and narrates the incidents that make up the storyline of Broken Sword. The game itself is in English language, but to add to its international flavor, users have the option of getting Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English subtitles.

Created by Revolution Software ltd, this game allows users to accompany the characters via pointing and clicking through touch instead of the usual method of directing all their actions. An adventure game, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut follows the incidents surrounding a violent murder in the Palais Royal at Paris. Basically, it relates the experiences of a woman named Nico Collard, a French journalist who goes to interview a politician called Pierre Carchon. She gets drawn into a strange and horrific plot that leads her to meet American-born George Stobbart. The two travel the world in search for answers to ancient questions that involve a conspiratorial group called the Knights Templar.

Broken Sword boasts of being nominated for several times in the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards. Last year, it got an MBE from the Queen’s Birthday honours list. As it makes its way to Android-based devices, it prides itself as being the first mainstream high production value adventure game on Google Play. Interested gamers may download the app for $4, which should be worth it given that it has already gotten a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play.

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