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Lode Runner Classic Now Available At Google Play

I remember back in the 80’s when the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System was popular there was one game that kept me up all night long and that was Lode Runner. Its unique game style that lets you collect gold while dodging enemies is quite addictive.  This game, which was developed by Broderbund, was first released in 1983 for the Apple II, Atari, IBM PC, VIC-20 and the Commodore 64.

lode runner classic

Those who enjoy playing 8-bit classic games should be pleased to know that Lode Runner Classic by Tozai Games is now available at Google Play and is a direct port of its 80’s version. The game costs $2.99 to download and needs at least 24 MB of free space to install.

The gameplay is the same as the classic version but several features were also added to make it even more exciting. You will now be able to magnify the screen around your runner which I find useful when playing on a small screen. You can also set the game speed right now. As far as bragging rights goes the game also features a worldwide leaderboard where you can post your top scores. You can also share your achievements directly to your Facebook wall.

In this game you control a runner whose main objective is to collect all the gold found all over the maze. You will also have to avoid your enemies or else you lose the game. Helping you in this task is your trusty gun however you are not allowed to shoot your enemies. What you can do with this is to shoot on the blocks to access the lower portions of the maze or to trap a pursuing enemy.

Some of the features of lode runner classic are

  • 150 puzzling levels – all unlocked and accessible
  • Two game modes – Expedition and Time Attack
  • New magnification effect – zoom the action around the Runner
  • Multiple play speeds – super slow to superfast action
  • Fully adjustable color palettes
  • Worldwide leaderboards
  • Multiple control schemes
  • Illustrated How to Play section

If you love playing puzzle type games then you’ll definitely love this title. Old school gamers will feel at home playing this game while those who are just starting to play it will discover that it’s a great title that’s worth its price.