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Google pours cold water over reports of Fiber expanding to New York

A report yesterday said that Google could bring its Fiber service to New York City. But a spokesperson for the company has now denied these reports stating that Google Fiber will be focused solely towards existing markets and the 34 new regions that will soon get the service. A job listing for a managerial post in New York

Google Utah Provo

Google Fiber coming to Provo, Utah before 2014

  Following the news Google Fiber will be coming to Austin, Texas in mid-2014, Google has bagged their third state, and this one may be even quicker to add the fiber architecture. Provo, Utah announced today the deal between Google and the city, however Provo City Council will still have to decide if they want

Google Fiber for the Entirety of the U.S Could Only Be a Pipe Dream

Google Fiber has seen enormous popularity in the limited locations which have received the service. If you don’t know what Google Fiber is, it’s a project started up by Google to establish a broadband network using strictly fiber-optic communication. This was an experimental project started by Google with no information about a widespread availability. And

T-Mobile Launching HSPA+ 42 Service In 47 Markets Today

Earlier in the week we reported that Verizon Wireless turned activated their 4G/LTE service in 19 new markets.  Today T-Mobile has announced that they have upgraded 47 of their markets to the new HSPA+ 42 service. T-Mobile has recorded average speeds of 10mbps with peak speeds as high as 27mbps downloading on their T-Mobile Rocket