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Briefing alarms in Galaxy S4 not working after an update

Galaxy S4 stuck in Samsung logo screen and other update problems

Updates, whether for apps or Android OS, can make or break. This has been proven time and again ever since the very first Android version was released. While updates are obviously intended to fix known bugs and enhance user experience, some unintended problems do appear after they’re installed.

Samsung Galaxy S4 in a brown pouch.
Samsung Galaxy S4 in a brown pouch.

The appearance of Android Lollipop did not improve the situation. Any average user right now is aware how badly the latest OS is faring across all devices.

The #GalaxyS4updateproblems posted below show some of the issues our readers are having after installing Lollipop. We hope this post can help our Android community deal with these issues by doing our suggested solutions.

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Problem #1: Will updating Samsung Galaxy S4 to latest Android version remove some features from ClearTalk?

I know you guys are very busy and I’ll try to be quick.  I’ve never used a forum to ask questions although I get your daily drip.

My Galaxy S4 was originally Sprint.  I had it flashed to ClearTalk close to 2 years ago.  Add you may know, ClearTalk is no longer  in Texas. I have kept their service (being on the real here)  because somehow during flash,  I now have a Hotspot on my phone.  I’ve never questioned it,  because I do run my laptop off the hot-spot which has been very convenient.  🙂 As your know, the S5 update came out.  Normally I take my phone to ClearTalk for updates ad to not mess up flash. Well,  there is not one near me.  So I call them to ask if I should do the software update or would it mess up flash?  No one seems to know!? Ugh!  All they do know,  is if it messes up flash I will no longer have ClearTalk because I have nowhere to take it in to have it reflashed.

Now,  would anyone there know if the update would mess up the flash. And while we’re discussing this,  would I also lose the hot-spot?

Because ClearTalk didn’t have proper software at time of flash, I’m running only 3G with 4.4.2 Android.

In systems, status it shows network as Sprint (and hot-spot IP address is a Sprint allocation),  Username is And the PRL is 3305. Not sure if any of this helps, but wanted you to have as much info as possible. 

Bottom line I guess, update or not  update.  Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. 

I’ve really enjoyed the Daily Drip. You guys are always on top of your game. I’ve learned so much reading your daily drips. Thank you! Respectfully. — Kimberly

Solution: Hi Kimberly. If you are still getting updates from Sprint for an available Android update, ClearTalk must have rooted your phone only. This is the reason why you are able to circumvent Sprint’s limitation not to give you the hotspot function. Downloading the update will most likely take that privilege back so it’s up to you which one is more important–keeping your hotspot function or updating the phone.

Problem #2: Galaxy S4 dims the display, mute sound, and cuts screen timeout to 15 seconds

Since the Lollipop update my phone frequently and randomly goes dim, mute and screen timeout drops to 15 seconds. I have to pull down the menu, adjust the brightness,  unmute, go to settings (etc) and set the screen timeout from the lowest 15 seconds up to an acceptable timeout. It will do this while I am using it and while I am NOT. I will set my alarm to wake up for an appointment and it will become muted during the night and so no alarm.

I am missing phone calls as well. I have messed with the settings and researched the web ad nauseum and can find no one else with the same issue since Lollipop update. I’ve seen issues with volume lowering but not brightness mute and timeout.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Blessings. — M

Solution: Hi M. it’s been known for a while now that updating to Android Lollipop can lead to any issue depending on the state of the phone and the installed apps during the time of the update. Thankfully, the standard Android troubleshooting steps are found to be effective in dealing with Samsung Galaxy S4 problems after an update. If you haven’t done anything to try to fix the issue yourself, please do the following:

Clear the system cache

Majority of app problems after Lollipop is installed is due to outdated or corrupted cache partition. Forcing the phone to generate a new cache is one of the effective fixes so far. Here are the steps to delete an S4’s cache partition:

  • Turn the phone off completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons.
  • Release the Power button when the phone vibrates but continue holding on to the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  • When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release both the Home and Volume Up buttons.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  • Press the Power button to select the option.
  • The phone will automatically restart once cache data are wiped out.

Clearing the system cache resolves slow performance issues, apps crashing or freezing, among many other issues but if nothing seems to change after doing it, please proceed to factory reset.

Also known as master reset, this procedure wipes off the phone’s internal memory so make sure that you have created a backup of all important data before you do it.

There’s a chance the same problems may re-appear after a factory reset. That’s a clear indicator that firmware is not to blame but one or some of your apps. As you can see, many apps are still having problems working with Lollipop months after it was released by Google. There’s no telling what problems can happen due to these outdated or incompatible apps. Make sure to do another round of factory reset if this is the case and install your apps one by one until you have isolated the culprit.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S4 is stuck in Samsung logo screen

I was swapping from my S4 mini to the S4. All connected, updated & installed my apps from my mini & all was good until it asked me to install a software update! It said my phone would restart & now the screen will not turn on beyond the black screen with Samsung logo. It’s stuck!. I tried taking the battery out, leaving the SD Card out but it remains the same. Also whilst it’s stuck it’s overheating! I would be grateful if you could possibly help

Thank you. — Joan

Solution:  Hi Joan. Just like M above, we suggest that you clear the phone’s cache partition to delete any leftover files that may be causing errors to the current operating system. If you can boot the phone in recovery mode (where you wipe the cache partition or perform a factory reset), there’s a big chance that your phone will go back to normal mode afterwards.

Problem #4: Briefing alarms in Galaxy S4 not working after an update

First I know nothing about phones. I don’t use the Google apps, or cloud. After the latest update to the operating system either in May or June, the first thing I noticed was I lost the feature of the briefing speaking when my alarms went off. It reads “unfortunately, the clock has stopped.”

At first I thought I had to reset my alarms. When I tried the feature of briefing, it is no longer there. I couldn’t reset all of them because of my schedule. I noticed later the briefing was still working on the alarms which were already in place, but I could not change anything about the choices I had made for the alarm, the tune, reminders, etc. The alarms I have not eliminated still work with the briefing. I need to change some of them but can’t. My briefing will work by itself but in relation to the clock. This clock is not an app I downloaded. It is part of the operating system I believe. I have looked for this clock app in my list; it is not there.

Next issue. My SD card keeps getting corrupted every time an app updates. I have had 2 different cards. First one was corrupted with the system update. Had to reset the phone back to factory and reformat. The next time an app updated it did the same thing. Got a new card. Started taking pics again after a couple of weeks again updates started popping up on the notices. Again after a couple I get the message my SD card is corrupted. Lost weeks of my pics. reformatted then again weeks passed and again lots of pictures on SD card, then yesterday I got an update for the movie/TV app. by the way, all these apps that keep updating, I don’t use any of them that I know of.  I had just done a 3 hour tour for work, there were probable 60 + pictures on the card. Gone. I can’t afford to keep losing this data. I need some help. — Lori

Solution: Hi Lori. Briefing alarm is a feature of the phone’s stock Clock app so please delete the cache and data of the Clock app and reconfigure your alarms. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Proceed to Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications.
  • Tap the All tab.
  • Look for the Clock app and tap it.
  • From there, you will see the Clear cache and Clear date buttons.

For your SD card issue, the next best thing to do is wipe the cache partition and/or perform a factory reset to ensure that the phone’s firmware is not corrupted.


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Problem #5: Galaxy S4 won’t go past the Samsung logo screen

Hi. i tried to root my Galaxy S4 SGH-I337m using an app calling root. I installed the app in my laptop, connect the phone to the laptop with the original USB cable. It didn’t work for the first time but after that it did root the phone. When I restart the phone it didn’t work all what was on the screen is Samsung Galaxy S4 and the greeting screen which is Samsung. I took it to a guy to take a look a long he said the phone need a motherboard. By the way I unlocked the phone long time ago if that is gonna make a big difference.

Another thing that when I’ve got the second phone (S4) I didn’t want to update the software to Lollipop because it used to drain the battery very fast when I had my first phone. Thank you and have a good day. — Sameeh

Solution: Hi Sameeh. Your issue is identical to Joan above so rebooting the phone to recovery mode and doing a factory reset will help. We don’t think there’s a need to replace the motherboard unless there’s a hardware component that failed. Please consult another technician to take a second look. Make sure not to mention the first technician’s suggestion to replace the motherboard.

You can always get back to us if factory reset won’t work.



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