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Brick Phone from the 80’s, Now Available with Bluetooth!

It seems that whenever we see a product that was designed as a replica of something that existed in the 80’s, we think that this will be the last of the 80’s that we will ever come across. Besides, none of us is really that old to know much about the 80’s, so some things do come as a surprise. However, this next device did not surprise any of us, as it was a landmark in the human evolution that moved us from communicating via letters and phones, to communicating wirelessly with a brick phone.

People who were not fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and people who always wanted to have the status symbol of the 80’s at that time, can now fulfil their dreams with the Bluetooth brick phone from the 80’s. Shisa Labs, a product development company, founded in 2011, is behind this unique blast from the past and they have named it Retro Brick Bluetooth handset. This device was launched on July 13 on Kickstarter and is available for users to purchase. As mentioned earlier, you can now relive with the status symbol of the 80’s, the Motorola DynaTAC, which is available for a cheap price of just $85. Although it is just an accessory that gives you a second chance at reliving the 80’s, it is a good way to remember those times again.

However, do not throw away your smart phone just because you now have a Retro Brick Bluetooth handset, because you will need it with your brick phone. Yes, that is right; this phone cannot be used without a real phone that has Bluetooth. So, in a sense, all it does is connects via Bluetooth with your smart phone and lets you do the talking on your brick phone. Moreover, you will also need a man bag, because this 13 inch device is not going to fit in your jeans or any other pocket anytime soon.

The makers of this brick phone accessory, Shisa Labs’ Vanessa Wright, is hopeful that customers will appreciate this effort and will actually appreciate this accessory for long chats on the phone. According to Vanessa, long chats on tiny phones is difficult for people and with problems such as a burning ear and pain in the ears is something people have to deal with when using small smart phones for lengthy conversations over the phone. This new accessory will help such people to have a comfortable long chat with anyone over the phone, without having to face any problems, which are normally faced during a long chat over a tiny smart phone. This is true because even the large smart phones such as the Galaxy Note are not easy to place on the ear and mouth either.


  • A wireless Bluetooth handset that is designed on the concept of 80’s Brick cell phone.
  • Able to receive calls in high quality digital audio.
  • Easily connects with any smart phone such as iPhone and Android, and any other cell phone that has Bluetooth enabled.
  • Can be used as a house phone, office phone, or a fashion accessory.
  • Backlit keypad allows users to make calls directly from the Retro Brick.
  • Built-in speakers allows users to talk hands free.
  • 8 Character alphanumeric LED display.
  • Bluetooth range 30ft.
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.
  • VOIP capability via existing Bluetooth connection and HSP.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery, with 20 hours of talk time.
  • Available in four different colours – Neon Blue, Neon Green, Hot Pink, and Classic White.

Wright added, “It’s kind of a functional product, but it’s also a fun novelty product as well, the best of two worlds”. On the bright side, she does have at least one vote on this front by Brad Helmink, who recently designed a similar brick phone and launched it on Kickstarter. 80’s Inspired “Retro Brick Bluetooth Handset” from Shisa Labs is available For Pre-Order on Kickstarter!