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OnePlus 3 will soon be expensive in the UK following Brexit

Right after the UK voted to leave the European Union, #OnePlus posted a warning of sorts to its fans that the #OnePlus3 might soon be expensive given the fluctuation in the British Pound (GBP) compared to the U.S. Dollar (USD). Well, it hasn’t taken long for that day to finally arrive as OnePlus has now

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OnePlus 3 could see a price increase in the UK following Brexit

Brexit has really hit the companies hard. We recently heard about companies like Samsung, LG and Acer expressing concern about the results of the Brexit vote. We’re now seeing OnePlus offering a word of caution for its fans following the drop in value of the British Pound (GBP) against the Dollar (USD). The company maintains

Brexit could impact operations of Samsung, LG and Acer in the UK

While the UK might be equally divided on breaking apart from the European Union (Brexit), the repercussions in the tech sphere are already starting to show. According to multiple revelations, Samsung, LG, and Acer are not exactly pleased with this news. A Korean report goes on to say that Samsung might even consider shifting its headquarters out