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CES 2012: Send A Postcard From Your Phone With Postcards On The Run

Have you ever taken a picture with your Android phone before and wanted to turn it into an actual photograph or a postcard? Well if you’re like most of us you may have thought a hard copy of the photo was a great idea and a postcard would be even better but in the hustle and bustle lives we live, we forgot. And then, it was too late?

That’s where Postcards On The Run comes in. Backed by Disney Channel Princess, Pop Star and the better half to Mr. J. Biebs, Selena Gomez, Postcards On The Run allows you to take photos from your phone and turn them into postcards.  Once you download the app, pay a very small fee and upload your photo, Postcards On The Run takes care of the rest.

Postcards On The Run prints your post card, types your message and sends it through the regular U.S. mail. Your friends and loved ones will get your postcard to hang on their refrigerator in a few short days.

Brent talks with the Postcards On The Run team at CES 2012 in a new area called Eureka Park, home to start ups.


Founder Institute is now getting serious

So week two into the Founder  Institute and things have started to get serious. Besides being called out for my pitch(which I admit after going over, it was weak) I was called out by my “team” president for having the weakest idea, even though someone in my very own team still didn’t have any idea what they where going to pitch.

So this weeks mentors to speak were Ken Rutkowski, who besides being CEO and Founder of METal, is also the lead of the LA Founder  Institute. We also had Taryn Rose, who started Millerosas, as a mentor. My personal favorite, and my very own mentor, Simon Mainwaring, the CEO of We First, a social branding and consulting firm,  who after having some, location issues finally got there.

This weeks session was about Start-Up Research and what it takes to actually start up a company. The speeches where very good however Simon’s speech stuck out to me as the top one for this week,

Do the research on your self, define who you are.

Be true to your self and don’t fake it.

We also went over all the different resources in which one can look at online for the different ways to do our research.

At the end of the evening we each had to find a mentor and give them our pitch and then hear them redo our pitch for a better one. I was about to have Simon redo mine however he was then told he could only pick one and already had done one.

After the night was over we talked more about my pitch and how I need to revamp it so those who don’t understand how mobile is progressing would understand it.

Thet pitch that I had, has me in hot water right now as I’m “falling behind” because of it. However after talking to Simon that night and via emails during the week I was able to tweak it to make it more understandable.  Also for homework this week we have to figure out 3 “projects” and then narrow it down to one with a top down model.  This weeks update is pretty small as not as much to talk about but hopefully next weeks will be more interesting.

About the writer:  Brent F is our west coast reporter and founder of Skeleton Labs. He won a spot on the current session of Founder Institute in Los Angeles. Brent is giving us a first hand look into the Founder Institute which has launched some of the most successful start ups in the past few years.

10 Questions With Brent Fishman On The Founder’s Institute

Android community member Brent Fishman, although sometimes controversial, is the owner of Skeleton Labs a new Android app development company that he created.  He was recently accepted to attend the esteemed Founders Institute. Founders is a series of “mini schools” devoted to helping tech based entrepreneurs develop their businesses by education, mentoring, camaraderie,training, investment and service.

One of the unique things about Founders is the Mentors that Founders gives the students access to range from Angel investors, venture capitalists, successful students who have graduated from Founders, tech community leaders, and CEO’s. Some of the mentors include:

Bob Rosin, Vice President of Qik
Bram Cohen, Founder of Bit Torrent
Brian Lio, Founder of Legalzoom
Bubba Murarka VP Business Development, Facebook
Chris Phenner, EVP Thumbplay
Dave Schappell CEO Techstreet
David Sacks, CEO Yammer
Eric Schonfeld, Co-Editor Techcrunch
Garret Camp CEO Stumbleupon
Joe Bezdek Co-Founder Divx
Luke Beatty Vice President, General Manager Yahoo
Mark Pincus CEO Zynga
Mike Arrington Editor, Founder Techcrunch
Pete Deemer, Founder Gamespot
Peter Borchers Head of Entrepreneurs Program, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile)
Phil Libin, CEO Evernote
Will Bunker Co-Founder

And that’s really just some of the founders with companies that we read about and write about on a regular basis. Fishman will have access to the network of mentors and have a mentor that will follow his progress with his company Skeleton Labs.

So for this segment of 10 Questions we talk Founder’s Institute, with Brent Fishman. His session of Founders is next week in Los Angeles and only a few of the applicants are chosen to participate, congratulations.

Here we go:
1. Brent, tell us in your words what is the Founders Institute?
Its a “school” that teaches start up founders how to really start up there business and then through “work shops” build it up and then twice during your session give a presentation on it to mentors and then once you pass that able to hopefully find investors.

2. What was the process like to get selected
First you had to put in an application… Then you hope to get an email back saying for you to take this one test which was supposed to take an hour but took me 12 minutes to do and then hope you get an email back saying you passed and we want you to sign up because you are not told if you pass/fail it.  Kinda interested to find out how good I did on it.

3. We understand you’re the youngest person ever selected?
So I’ve heard by a couple of people but who knows if thats true or not I’m just super happy I got in.

4. And come on Brent the whole Android community wants to know, what were you selected for?
Honestly I don’t remember if I semi pitched one of our major up coming Android applications or I pitched a couple to be honest.

5. What are you hoping to gain from your experience with the Founder’s institute
I’m hoping to gain valuable information about how to start a real start up and not just wing it like I’ve been doing with this or I did with AllDroid. I had no idea what I was doing with AllDroid and I quickly built it into the #1 Android forum and #1 Android news site at the time while I was in charge. Now with Skeleton Labs I guess I’m doing the same. However this time I’m wanting to do it right and now just say hey lets keep going this way until I screw something up.

6. What can we expect from Skeleton Labs in 2011
MAJOR Things… We already are having a couple Android applications being built right now… One is a widget… One is a UrCarFails app based on the website. And one is something we can’t talk about but we have partnered you could say with a major Android API company and pretty much anything we need done they make it happen.
7.  Why do you think they picked you for Founders, it certainly wasn’t a recommendation from Androidspin?
I honestly have no idea… I’ve looked back at the Founders Institute and notice no mobile software company has gone through there so maybe they are using me as a test case to see if this is something legit that can be done. Or my sweet kind personality maybe also.
8. How is Skeleton labs progressing in your opinion? Is it faster or slower than you planned?
Honestly its going ALOT slower then I expected… Road map I did back in November is so far off I refuse to look at it any more.
9. What is your background as far as mobile, programming, Android and developing
Background is I started in Android with the G1… I built AllDroid from nothing into something which has changed Developers forums for the rest of the lives on how they are built and ran. And thats about it I have no programing background just cars and sports. I’m pretty much and outcast persay as this isn’t my field of what I know. I’m also the wildcard because of that fact that people just are not used to someone like me and how I am
10 (Fun question) Say whatever you want… just keep it clean!

Not sure what else to say as I don’t just talk. Ok maybe thats a lie but hopefully you’ll be hearing mayor things from us, and I know every Monday or so I’ll be doing a recap of what happened at the last session I went to for the founders institute
Keep up with Brent’s journey through the Founder’s Institute here and by following him on twitter here. Wish him luck this is quite an accomplishment for an Android community member.