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Breathometer Lets You Monitor the Alcohol in Your Blood


When the party is over and you feel that your breath is reeking alcohol, a question with two choices pops out, “To drive or not to drive?” If somehow your decision to this question is wrong, pray that you will not be flagged down by a cop along the way.

Having too much to drink and running into a cop will definitely get you into all sorts of trouble like paying fines, suspension of your license, and in some cases, jail time. The penalties vary from state to state though. The sanctions also depend if you are a multiple offender. A very high percentage of alcohol in your blood when you are caught can aggravate your case too.

According to SingularityHUB, a company in California developed a device that will help you answer the question whether you should still drive or not after a drinking session. It is only a $20 device that looks like a keychain.

Based on the advertisement of the Breathometer that you can see below, the breath analyzer is easy to use with your smartphone. Just slide the little bar on its side to bring out the needle that you can connect to your gadget’s audio jack. Then, activate the app through your device. Next, exhale and look at the percentage of alcohol in your breath. The app is in real-time so the results are very accurate and reliable. In effect, this will help you keep away from trouble.

Driving under the influence or DUI will not only get you into trouble with the law, it can cause all sorts of accidents as well. This is because having so much to drink can impair your senses and ability to react in certain situations.

In the data of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are almost 30 deaths daily in the United States that is linked to alcohol-impaired drivers. The statistics can be interpreted to mean one fatality every forty-eight minutes. Yearly, the overall amount of damages caused by alcohol-related accidents is more than $51 billion. This is the reason why the government is strict in implementing rules against driving when drunk and it is classified as a felony.

So, by using the device in monitoring your blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) you are actually keeping yourself and others from trouble. The $20 cost is nothing anyway as compared to the fine or problem that you may get if you get caught breaking the law. Nolo, a popular website that provides legal advice, points out that the court can impose around $500 or even as much as $2,000 for this kind of felony.

With the Breathometer app and its plug-in, it will show if your BAC is still within 0.08%, which is the acceptable limit. If not, you will see the red indicator flash on your screen. That only means that you should either hand in the keys of your ride to a friend who is capable of driving or commute on your way home.

As reported by SingularityHUB, the Breathometer will be out on January 2014. So far, it already has 3,000 backers.

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