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Nexus 4 Problems After Updating to 4.3 Version

Nexus 4

Helen, a Nexus 4 user sent to us this message after installing the recent 4.3 OTA update: “I have just updated my nexus 4 to 4.3. Now, the gallery is not working‚ I can’t install or update apps, or even set a ringtone. Whenever I try to set one it says ‘settings do not work’. Please help me out.”

The Cause of the Nexus 4 Problem After OTA Update

It did not take us long to find the cause of the problem because a lot of Nexus 4 users have been airing similar complaints in the threads of other sites like Phone Review. According to the customers who just updated their Nexus 4 to version 4.3, problems similar to Helen’s complaint have started appearing in their devices.

The other issues noticed by several users also include frequent overheating, auto restarting and the freezing of the phone’s multitouch feature. But the worst that was stated in the threads was the issue about the Nexus 4 getting into an infinite loop between the Google screen and X screen. Looking at these, we are positive that the cause of the errors is definitely from the recent OTA update.

Solution to the Nexus 4 Problem After OTA Update

For Nexus 4 users who are encountering this, they are strongly advised to contact their carrier or phone manufacturer about it. Then, they should download and install the fix once they are made available. A factory reset may also be worth a try after updating but this is not a guarantee that the matter will be solved.  Another solution is via rooting and flashing of the ROM. However, remember that there are more downsides associated with these procedures if not done properly.

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Source: Phones Review

T-Mobile-MetroPCS merger sinks stocks

T-Mobile and MetroPCS have shared to the media their plans of a merger to take on their bigger competitor. Reports suggest that their plans have already been approved and that they are now in the process of ironing out things. These companies are the fourth and the fifth largest wireless carriers in the United States, respectively.

The merger is designed to pose better competition against AT&T, Verizon and Sprint and it seems logical to think there would soon be a bigger company taking on the key players in the industry. Analysts, however, do not see it like that.

Kevin Smithen at Macquarie Capital wasn’t so optimistic about the merger saying both companies have their own shares of great losses. “You can’t make soup with two leaky pots,” Smithen said. T-Mobile is still experiencing a persistent loss of customers and the deal is definitely not a cure.

Shares of MetroPCS went down 10 percent in morning trading but were able to recover after Bloomberg reported Sprint Nextel Corp was planning to post a counterbid against T-Mobile’s offer. The plunge may not have been the company’s first but it’s a sign that the merger isn’t as good as what ordinary people would think.

T-Mobile USA’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG, has its shares plunged up to 3.7 percent in European trading. This just shows that while both companies are looking forward to gaining better momentum in the global market, they might suffer a considerable loss before they could make a rebound.

Under the merger, T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS would be combined into one company. The latter’s shareholders would get $1.5 billion in cash plus 26% of the shares. While many would think there would be a change of brand, there isn’t. T-Mobile would still be the name to appear in the U.S. market, albeit the two consumer brands will operate separately. Presumably, there would still be a T-Mobile and MetroPCS phone line-ups.

The proposal for the said merger is still pending approval and the deal might be closed in the first half of 2013. But until then, it would be put under close scrutiny.

[source: BusinessWeek]

Sony Xperia V LT25I starts shipping in December according to Swedish retailer

Sony Xperia V, which was officially announced in August, is rumored to debut in December. A Swedish retailer, which has a reputation of being accurate with the release dates it has published on its website, inadvertently revealed the device’s shipping date through its most recent listing. published a page to promote Sony Xperia V LT25I on Tuesday. While Sony hasn’t revealed the official release date when this handset starts shipment, the retailer suggests shipping would start on December 3rd, at least, in Sweden and Europe. As of now, there is no information if the company has plans in bringing this device to the U.S. and whether or not it will tie up with US providers to subsidize Xperia V and make it more affordable for everyone who is willing to sign a contract.

Sony Xperia V is a water- and dust-proof Android smartphone that comes packed with Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset with a dual-core Krait clocked at 1.5GHz and integrated Adreno 225 graphics processor. Like Xperia Acro S, this is a solid mid-ranger and it offers 4G LTE connectivity. This feature alone would tell us Xperia V, if released in the US, would head straight to a carrier offering LTE bundles.

Sony also gave this handset a full 1GB RAM to complement its fast processor and 8GB internal memory with a complementary microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB external memory.

Aside from typical connectivity peripherals, Xperia V has all hardware necessary for Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality. This is in line with Google’s campaign to promote its Google Wallet mobile payment system. Devices released with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS are most likely to feature NFC.

Its display is not really impressive but decent. It makes use of Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 allowing a resolution of up to 720 x 1280 pixels or around 342ppi density. While it uses a typical TFT touchscreen, it supports up to 10 fingers multitouch.

Its battery provides 1750mAh but since it comes with a more stable version of Android ICS and power-saving display technology, it can be used up to 7 hours of straight talk time. Xperia Acro S has 1910mAh battery but it reaches only 6 hours of straight use because of its LED-backlit LCD screen.

Sony is yet to confirm if the rumored shipping date posted on is real. Moreover, the company needs to provide more information to the media about this device. The pricing is yet unknown to everyone but the Swedish retailer offers it for 4,299 Kroner or around $655 USD.

Source: | GSM Arena | Xperia Blog

Ice Cream Sandwich Photos Leaked


Whether this is for real or not, Android Police have just gotten their hands on some photos of what looks to be an Ice Cream Sandwich build running on a Nexus S. There aren’t really any shots of the UI or anything that would get us SUPER excited, but there is enough UI shots to see that the color could be blue this time around. Other than that there are a few UI changes, and also a new Gmail theme, new launcher with what could end up being a task switcher, and a built in panorama mode for the camera app. This may or may not be official, but it’s still exciting to think we’re already seeing leaked pictures which may lead to a stronger possibility of an October launch. Check out the full gallery of pictures at the source.

Ice Cream Sandwich was announced at Google I/O, and is said to end Android fragmentation through uniting the software as one. This will mean that phones and tablets running Android will not be nearly as separate when it comes to things like applications.

Whether these pictures are real or fake is unknown, but we night as well hope for the best. Stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more updates on the next version of our favorite OS.

Source: Android Police

G2 Pricing Leaked!

Since the actual announcement of the G2, we’ve done a fair bit or rumor busting and product images and leaks. A steady flow of information is coming in about the device now, that by the time it is released you will either “NEED ONE” or be more interested in another device. One of the great things about Android is that we are not tied to a single anything – be it form factor, screen size, UI, or anything really. With that in mind, for those who are still clicking refresh every 20 seconds for the latest bit of G2 Juicies – here’s another for you! The G2 Pricing has been leaked!

Our friends at TMONews grabbed this image with pricing of the G2. It looks like the G2 will be offered right alongside the Vibrant at $199 with a contract. Alternatively, it seems the device will only be $499 for those of us who choose not to live with Contracts. The $499 price point is significant in that it is less than most paid for their Nexus One’s. The option is clearly there, giving users the ability to keep the Nexus Concept alive by going non-contract. What will you do?

Samsung Galaxy S Press Event!

What just flew into our mailbox her at TDG? A Press only invitation to a Samsung Galaxy S event! The ever-vague description from Samsung’s flier has us guessing, but there’s really only one product on everyone’s mind right now. Could this be the US press release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab? Let’s look at the flier!

The Media Hub, Samsung’s media delivery service for Galaxy S devices, would be an incredible thing to release alongside the Tab, making this quite the event! The party is going down on September 16th, and rest assured that The Droid Guy will be live blogging from the event!

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Tab is a Verizon Wireless device!

The leaks and sneaks and peeks will be flowing like a river from the IFA show this week, but before it even got started, more juicy bits about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab have surfaced. This time, it’s not a performance, or even an OS tidbit. The 3G version of the Galaxy Tab has been confirmed to be on Verizon Wireless!

Our friends at BGR were able to get this image earlier today, and it makes it crystal clear what’s going on. The 3G version of that tab will be on Verizon’s screaming fast network. I’m sure in the upcoming days we will see prices and model variants, but for now we know for sure that this will be Verizon’s first 3G tablet, sure to be one of many! We are waiting for the official Galaxy Tab Launch event this week to see if the Galaxy Tab, like it’s handset brother the Galaxy S will be multi-carrier.  We will have exclusive footage and live blogging from the event!

source: Boygeniusreport