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Humble Bundle PC And Android 10 Is Now Available

Are you planning to get that new LG G3 flagship Android smartphone as soon as it hits the market? Or are you a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S5? Whatever Android device you have it’s a good idea to install some games on it to flex out its muscles or simply pass the time away.


We all know that purchasing games can sometimes be expensive however with the latest Humble Bundle release you can save a lot on high quality games. Humble Bundle PC and Android 10 offers up to 7 games which costs $99 when purchased individually. The good news is that you choose how much you are going to pay for these games.

Paying a dollar or more gives you access to three games namely Symphony, Draw a Stickman: Epic, and Galcon Legends. If you pay above the average price of $4.79 you get to access four additional titles which are Skulls of the Shogun, Metal Slug 3, Fieldrunners 2, and Breach & Cover.

Aside from getting the games at a budget price you can choose to split your payment among the developers, charity, or the Humble tip.

The games offered in this latest bundle are all pretty much exciting and can be played on the PC or by an Android device. Most of the titles even have their soundtracks included which you can download.


  • This is a music driven game that plays your music collection while control a flying ship fighting bosses to liberate the Symphony of Souls and reclaim your music. Although the game is still in its beta version for Android it is already playable.

Draw a Stickman: EPIC

  • In this game you draw your own stickman character and guide him through a world filled with adventure. You will need your drawing skills to come up with tools and weapons for your character to use in solving puzzles and overcoming challenges.

Galcon Legends

  • You play the role of Buck the bill collector as you try to unite the galaxy to fight the evil forces.

Skulls of the Shogun

  • If you’ve played Advance Wars before then this is its fast paced version. You join the Samurai afterlife and join forces with all sorts of characters in an action filled game.

Metal Slug 3

  • One of the best SNK classic games now available on the Android platform.

Fieldrunners 2

  • This is the sequel to one of the most popular tower defense strategy games on the mobile platform. Build a variety of towers as your defense against the rushing enemy soldiers, tanks, planes, and helicopters.

Breach & Clear

  • This is a deep tactical strategy simulation that lets you control your own Special Operations team. There are numerous scenarios included such as breaching buildings and offices among others.

As usual, more games will be added to this bundle soon so stay tuned for further developments

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Humble Mobile Bundle 4 Is Now Live, Get 6 Exciting Android Games

Are you tired of downloading those free Android games that come with a lot of ads but don’t want to spend a lot on the premium version of a game? Humble Bundle has just the solution to your problem as it is running a new sale called Humble Mobile Bundle 4 which comes with 6 exciting Android games. You get 4 games by paying whatever amount you like while paying above the average price gets you two additional games.

humble mobile bundle 4

Here’s how the system works. You can pay any amount you want to get the games and even set how the amount is going to be divided. You can split your payment to charities, the developers, or tip Humble Bundle. If you pay above the average price of $3.47 you get to access two additional locked games. Sounds good right?

Here are the games you can get by paying any amount.

Catan: This strategy game is sure to provide you with fun and excitement wherever you are. This is basically a game where you must compete to have the largest army, the longest road, and the most settlements. You will meet worthy opponents in the game such as pirate Jean who does not compromise, Vincent the Merchant who has never been cheated, and Sean the Knight who takes what he wants.

Vector:   This is an arcade style game where you play the role of a runner in a totalitarian world where freedom and individuality is gone. You use your parkour skills as you run, climb, vault, and slide across the urban landscape as “Big Brother” chases you.

Riptide GP2: If you are into online multiplayer races then this game is definitely for you. You get to control rocket powered hydro jets as you race around futuristic tracks. You will be able to perform several stunts and tricks while the new career mode will definitely keep you coming back.

Zombie Gunship: You get to be a gunner in a mean looking AC-130 ground attack aircraft. Your job is to fire your gun on the onslaught of zombies making sure to protect the remaining survivors on the ground. This is definitely one of the reasons why you should be subscribing to this bundle as the game has been given a 9/10 rating by IGN.

Here are the two extra games you can get by paying above the average price.

BADLAND Premium: This version comes with all in-app purchases unlocked. This award-winning side-scrolling game takes place in the forest. Players take control of a forest dweller to discover what’s going on in the area. The game follows a physics based system and has beautiful graphics and audio.

Breach & Clear:  This is an intense tactical strategy game where you get to assemble your own special operations team. You will then need to plan and execute several missions using your selected team.

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