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LG Optimus L1 II Tri

LG Optimus L1 II Tri can manage three SIM cards simultaneously

LG has just unveiled the Optimus L1 II Tri as a slightly upgraded variant of the Optimus L1 II, which broke cover not too long ago. As the name probably indicates, this smartphone is capable of handling three SIM cards at once, which means you won’t have to carry multiple devices to keep switching between

Galaxy S II TV

Samsung announces Galaxy S II TV

We have seen several types of smartphones over the years and it seems like things get taken to a whole new level with every passing year. Last year it was the Samsung Galaxy Beam which came with a built-in projector. And today we have a Samsung smartphone with a built in digital TV receiver. As

iPhone Trademark Given to Small Android Manufacturer in Brazil

Looks like Apple wasn’t the first company to register use the name iPhone in Brazil. A small Android phone manufacturer called Gradiente Eletronica recently had a Brazilian court rule in its favor against a trademark dispute it took against Apple over the use of the word “iPhone”. Apparently Gradiente had filed for registration of the

Google Nexus 4 Units in Brazil Spotted With Android 4.2.2

The Google Nexus 4 is currently the most sought after smartphone in the Android sphere (we think), even though it is available in limited quantities. However, if there is one thing the smartphone can be assured of, it’s the promise of continued updates. Irrespective of the Nexus 4’s availability status, it will always be top