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Cell Phones Not Linked To Brain Tumors

In a study of 2.8 million Danish adults conducted by the World Health Organization’s International Agency For Research On Cancer, Dr. Joachim Schuz came to the conclusion that people who have used cell phones between 11-15 years were no more likely to get cancer than those who did not.

Acoustic neuromas, which are also known as vestibular schwannomas are non cancerous tumors that form on the nerve running from the ear to the brain. Although they are non cancerous, they can grow to a size that’s big enough to press against the brain and cause life threatening injuries.¬† It was often believed that these types of tumors would be the ones effected by the energy and “radiation” from cell phone use.¬† It was believed that heavy long term cell phone users would be at an increased risk for Acoustic neuromas especially on the side of their head that they typically hold the phone to.

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