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Moto E Now Included In Motorola Bootloader Unlock Program

A week ago Motorola released the Moto E which is an affordable Android smartphone that comes with decent specs. Naturally, those that love to tinker around with the firmware of mobile devices are going to be attracted with this model. The question that must be answered first is if this model can have its Bootloader unlocked. Without a way to unlock the bootloader then experimenting with this device will become very hard.

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The good news is that Motorola announced that the Moto E has been included in its Bootloader Unlock program. Devices under this program will have their bootloaders easily unlocked. This allows developer to install custom ROM on the device and experiment with it.

Motorola lists the US retail version, Canada, Europe, and Latin American version of the Moto E that have unlockable bootloaders.

If you are interested in unlocking the bootloader of your Moto E smartphone then you should keep this in mind.

  • All media and content stored in the device will be lost. All apps coming from the Google Play Store will need to be reinstalled once the procedure is complete.
  • Some apps may not work anymore
  • Encryption support may be lost
  • Key functions may be lost such as the ability to make calls,  audio playback, and radio
  • The device may be temporarily or permanently damaged
  • Unlocking the bootloader will not change the subsidy lock status of the device

Be aware that unlocking the bootloader is a procedure that is best done by consumers who have experience with the Android system and how it works.

Moto E Bootloader Unlock Procedure

First get the latest tools

The next step is to get the device ID

  • Put your device in fastboot mode (power off, then press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously).
  • On your desktop, open a command prompt or terminal, and go to the directory where you installed the Android SDK tools (or make sure fastboot is in your $PATH)
  • At the prompt, type “$ fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  • The returned string will be used to retrieve your unlock key.
  • Paste together the 5 lines of output into one continuous string without (bootloader) or ‘INFO’ or white spaces
  • Paste the string in the Motorola site to see if the device can be unlocked. If your device is unlockable, a “REQUEST UNLOCK KEY” button will appear at the bottom of the page

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How To Unlock The Samsung Galaxy Note II’s Bootloader On Verizon


Verizon may claim that the Galaxy Note II is a very secure device on their network, but it obviously wasn’t secure enough, as XDA member Adam Outler has managed to hack the device and reveal a method on how to unlock the bootloader on Verizon’s Galaxy Note II. The process is quite simple actually, and if you’ve ever used or hacked a Samsung device in the past yourself, you’ll probably be really familiar with this. Flashing three files through ODIN will easily do the trick.

If you aren’t familiar with the process of rooting and flashing a device, asking for a little help on the XDA forums won’t hurt. Most people over there are usually willing to help get your device(s) rooted and flashed with a ROM of your choice. There are also quite a few tutorials on rooting and flashing as well, so you may want to give those a look before rooting Verizon’s variant of the Galaxy Note II. Also remember to be extremely careful before rooting. It is extremely easy to mess up once and completely destroy your $299 smartphone. Since your warranty will be voided, there isn’t a way to get the device back unless you buy a new one at full price.

Make sure to hit the source link for instructions how how to root your Note II!

Has anyone managed to root the device just yet? How has it been working out for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

source: XDA

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