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htc one bootloader

Bootloader of the Verizon HTC One cannot be unlocked anymore

Verizon has finally tightened the screws on the HTC One as the bootloader of the smartphone cannot be unlocked anymore. This comes a day after we reported on the Verizon HTC One having an unlockable bootloader through HTCdev. We were beginning to wonder if Verizon was deliberately leaving it unlockable, but that’s clearly not the

htc one bootloader

Bootloader of the Verizon HTC One now unlockable

According to reports emerging out of the XDA Forum, the bootloader on the Verizon HTC One is currently unlockable over at HTCdev which is HTC’s dedicated bootloader unlocking portal. All you have to do is select your HTC smartphone from the list and get cracking. However, knowing Verizon and its stringent rules and regulations, this

DROID DNA One-Click Toolkit To Unlock and Root Avaialble

It’s questionable as to whether the DROID DNA is one of the best smartphones available today for a few reasons, but that’s a topic for another time. As you know, Verizon is like a over-protective parent when it comes to smartphones and their bootloaders. We all know that they¬†hate¬†unlocking their bootloaders, for some odd reason.

Motorola Will Not Unlock Older Smartphones

Motorola recently gave out good news to its users by announcing a bootloader unlocking tool for users willing to be set free of all restrictions. The company however has managed to drop a bomb on Twitter by mentioning that the unlock tool will not support older devices and that it is “not currently in the

AT&T’s Motorola Atrix HD Comes With a Locked Bootloader

According to new reports, AT&T’s yet to be launched Atrix HD could come with a locked bootloader. Unfortunately for expectant users, playing around with the bootloader will not be possible with the new Atrix HD. Motorola gave out this info via Twitter, by saying that it was done so as to meet the “requirements” of

HTC Unlocks More Bootloaders This Time Legacy Devices

It’s hard to think of a device that’s just over two years old as a “legacy” device, but at the super fast way Android travels, a legacy device could have been released last summer. HTC is preparing a huge press event at Mobile World Congress. They’ve already said they are putting tablets on the back

Should manufacturers crack down on locking bootloaders?

One of the driving forces behind the Android platform is the ability to root your devices, which gives you root directory access, and subsequently allows you to grant superuser permissions that can be used for a vast number of tasks. More often than before, people are understanding that rooting gives them the ability to use